One of the largest independent television and movie production center studios is Sunset Gower Studios CA which got its name for its location on Sunset Boulevard heading out of central Los Angeles and into the Hollywood hills. Being located near these studios is ideal for many filming professionals, and even having business offices at a convenient location near Sunset Gower could be great if you deal with clients from there. Our housing company has a facility located near there that's also in close proximity to businesses in downtown Los Angeles, and it's full of luxuries that we know you'll love having at your disposal.

The Top On-Site 1010 Luxuries

When you have high volume production demands that you need the space and equipment to manage, 1010 Wilshire has you covered in both office space and business center services. You'll have business drop boxes, shipping for small orders as well as bulk orders, access to high-speed and quality workstations and printers, copiers and fax machines. If you're looking to host formal or casual gatherings for employees or business associates, we have space throughout the building or even up on our rooftop by the pool to host such events. If you just want a night out with family or friends, we have a bar or game room you can hang out in.

The Top In-Suite Advantages Of 1010

TENTEN Wilshire is also where you can kick back and enjoy relaxation time in the comforts of home. Our corporate housing apartments and executive suites have everything from full bed sets and sofas in the living room, to dishwashers, ranges and even laundry machines also inside. Our housekeepers are also happy to make sure your suite is kept clean and welcoming whenever you're out.

You Can Tour 1010 Today

If all of this sounds welcoming and you want to see more, you can take the free tour of our property near Sunset Gower Studios. When you arrive here, a staff member will guide you through the floors and let you see whichever available suites you're interested in renting out. Our lease plans are also flexible so whether you're looking for one month or a few years, we can work with you to meet your needs. But to get the suite you want, you'll need to move fast so you should call us to take the tour today at 1-877-978-1720 or visit and fill out the request.