Civic Center CA in the middle of Los Angeles is where most of the tourist activities and guides to the rest of the city originate, and it's in close proximity to the city's planning and administrative buildings. Living near there with easy access to not only the epicenter of the city, but also the Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Santa Monica filming areas is a big deal for many entertainment workers and executives. That's why you should consider looking for housing with our company, 1010 Wilshire because we have both convenient locations and housing solutions that have all your needs in mind.

Where You Can Work

At our TENTEN suites, our high rises have floor plans that are built for a variety of functions from work space, to entertainment space, outdoor space and living space. If you want a space to setup your office and have access to conference rooms and a full service business shipping and supply center, you'll have just that when you rent one of our downtown Los Angeles suites. You can also participate in cocktail parties or even host your own promotional events if you contact management ahead of time. Whatever your business or pleasure, we work to make things happen smoothly for you.

What Living Here Is Like

TENTEN Wilshire is a place that can become your home quickly. We offer both temporary and permanent housing and it all comes with some of the best comforts of home you could ask for. from stainless steel kitchen appliances, to specially crafted furniture and countertop designs, HD televisions and high-speed internet, a king-sized or queen-sized comfy bed and all the little thins that go with the rooms, our corporate housing is welcoming to all who come.

You Can See It Before Moving In

We are happy to give all prospective tenants of TENTEN Wilshire a tour before they decide to move in. Whenever you arrive, our valet will take care of your car's parking and our receptionist will be happy to meet you and take you through every part of the building and show you any available suite you're interested in. If you know you've found the one you want, they can get your paperwork for moving in started right away. The move-in process is relatively free of hassle, but you shouldn't wait until someone else takes your space. To take the tour and choose your suite, call us at (877)423-3058 or fill out the request form on our website at