Los Angeles is a favorite destination for many international businesses that need luxury corporate housing either for long or short term stays. TENTEN Wilshire is the ultimate in modern living with over 230 fully-furnished apartments in a contemporary Live, Work and Play environment with cable and all utilities included in one payment. The building overlooks downtown Los Angeles with spectacular views at no extra cost. TENTEN Wilshire was designed by experts in the film industry especially for professionals in the industry.

Near Altadena CA, 1010 overlooks the city in an ultra-modern skyscraper set in L.A. culture. Eclectic restaurants, shopping, theaters, and entertainment are within walking distance. Millions travel to L.A. to produce their dream, and 1010 Wilshire offers living space with meeting rooms and all the amenities to make your stay convenient, comfortable and productive.

The entire building is designed in a modern-contemporary decor; there is plenty of space for your team in a corporate housing setting. The stylish lobby is inviting for all your staff with 24-hour valet parking as well as 24-hour dry cleaning. Off to the side is an office depot equipped with a copier, computer, ATM, and plenty of space to work. Our staff is very friendly and always ready to assist you with any questions about 1010 Wilshire or the city.

The rooftop offers the most favored amenities, though, as all the tenants will agree. We invite you to go to www.1010wilshire.com and schedule a virtual tour to see for yourself the magnificent details we've included.

On the rooftop, 1010 Wilshire staff underwrite Happy Hour every evening, so you and your team can unwind and network with the other professionals. There is also the sparkling pool, sauna, fitness room and masseuse available, too, but the ultimate is the stunning view over downtown Los Angeles. Live, Work and Play in a spectacular setting.