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TENTEN Wilshire property in Los Angeles CA is a well-known real estate company that provides corporate housing for individuals and businesses. It is a luxury accommodation service provider integrated in the real estate network. The housing units here feature a staggering number of amenities, that are designed for people from all walks of life and available at various prices. All of these units can be accessed directly through Ten Ten Wilshire without the need for brokers or middlemen. Most of these housing units can even be booked online.

Los Angeles is known for its expensive housing market and many people hesitate to rent or lease properties here due to high cost and unexpected quality of service. Fortunately,TENTEN Wilshire is one company that you can rely on for affordable units. The units are available in different sizes and price, and every unit comes with furnished rooms, state-of-art equipment and design trends. The property has an impressive selection of furnished apartment that are equipped with elements that range from basic to sophisticated, from traditional designs to modern furniture and floors. Other features include common gathering area, clubhouse, gym, yoga center, BBQ area, playground, library and entertainment rooms. TenTen Wilshire also features a good assortment of elements that are needed to conduct business inside the property, such as meeting rooms, telephones, internet, adequate seating, coffee room, dining area, fax and copier machines and ample amount of parking spaces outside the building. The property also has a good variety of concierge services that are provided to the tenants upon request.

A property that offers business housing isn’t totally complete without maintenance service. The team for maintenance and repair will make sure that your unit is in order around the clock. 1010 Wilshire pays close attention to details when it comes to providing its clients the comfort and luxury they need. It also offers 24/7 customer support online as well as offline. It has dedicated support professionals who are available to help tenants with any question or issue. Tenants or potential clients can contact a representative through email or phone, who will also guarantee that they never have to wait longer than a few minutes to get their concerns and inquiries handled.

1010 Wilshire protects its tenants with a high-quality security system in place that is monitored day and night. This prevents outsiders from intruding on the property while protecting tenants and their belongings. In essence, 1010 Wilshire property is one of the most widely trusted corporate housing facilities in Los Angeles, Ca for Executives from Wyoming.