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For those Executives from Wisconsin who are working away from their homes in another city or state, corporate housing may be an option to consider. Getting work done may be easier for some people when they are in a comfortable, homely environment. TenTen Wilshire has short term apartments available for guests to lease. They have elegant suites with a number of amenities for guests to enjoy, they have features available for guests who want to work while they stay at the apartments, and they have features available for guests who want to relax and take a break from work.

Guests of TenTen Wilshire may enjoy suite amenities such as cable TV and high-speed internet, valet service, and gourmet kitchens where guests have access to stainless steel kitchen appliances. The hardwood floors that are common in the interior of TenTen apartments add to the elegance of the suites. Housekeeping services help ease the cleaning responsibilities of the guests. Another interesting feature of the apartments is their individual thermostats. Guests can control the interior temperature of their own rooms. In addition to the numerous suite amenities, guests may enjoy the elegant architecture and interior design of Wilshire. The hotel has fine linens for guests to enjoy, and the panoramic views may be attractive to some guests of Wilshire.

Each furnished apartment at Wilshire also has king and queen sized beds, night stands, pillows, full-size mirrors, robes and slippers for guests, alarm clocks, and washer/dryer units. Wilshire’s living rooms have big-screen TVs, DVD players, sofas, chairs, tables, pillows, telephones, and lamps. Wilshire’s work amenities include fully-furnished offices and executive suites. There is cable in the suites and phone service, as well. Wilshire has boardrooms and conference rooms available for guests, a copy machine, and a fax machine.

Wilshire has amenities available for guests to use to relax. TenTen has a gym, a pool, a movie theater, an event center, and game rooms.

TenTen’s corporate housing and suites can be obtained by choosing either a long term or short term apartment lease. 1010 Wilshire’s website is, and visitors to that website can choose to receive a free tour of 1010 Wilshire.