TENTEN Wilshire has corporate housing in Los Angeles, CA for executives from New Jersey and other regions of the world. Invite clients to corporate offices designed with professional appeal. The rooftop helipad and pool are just the beginning of this buildings assets.

Transportation options are close to the property along with restaurants and major entertainment industries facilities. Skip a commute by living in the center of it all. Conference rooms, media equipment and banquet facilities are in one location, providing a convenient and comfortable place to work and call home.

TENTEN Wilshire, centered within reach of the Los Angeles entertainment metropolis provides the means for a dinner meeting, business breakfast or guests over for coffee environment. Anytime of day or season of the year is a good time to entertain at 1010 Wilshire. Cast your eyes on a lovely view from every vantage point, while relaxing in your office or apartment. Corporate housing for constituents provides parking and valet service. Those relocating from New Jersey will find this a secure property. Renters have 24-hour access to the building, message service, phone calls and receptionist services. These furnished apartmentunits are one of Los Angeles's best locations for the film industry.

Short term apartment rentals are affordable places for production managers, film directors and entertainment executives to do business. The Wilshire location provides a place to work and play for those interested in having the best of both possible localities, in the city of Los Angeles, CA. The 1010 Wilshire local is an elite property, offering cleaning service for offices and apartments. Several floor plans are presented for the discerning customer. Receptionist and mail service is a part of the package.

The combination office/residential housing group make relocation easy for any business. Clients move from anywhere in the world without hauling furnishings or giving concern for utilities. A furnished Apartment is elegantly done, supplying businesses with a completely equipped place to entertain clients, while maintaining a residence. This short term apartment is located in a central point in the city and easy to find. Once a month gather with other residents and enjoy a rooftop gala.

The 1010 Wilshire has a host of helpful qualities to offer potential residents, rooftop bar and “Red Carpet” activities. Corporate housing saves money and time by placing everyone in one location, reducing the commute. Call today or visit the convenient, easy to maneuver Web page for a virtual tour. Furnished Apartment with short term rental agreements are available to New Jersey residents. This live and play rental is a winning combination for entertaining and working for selective motivators.