All work and no play makes for a very dull life! TENTEN Wilshire is an incredible development that provides its residents with a unique experience. Their fully furnished suites come with exceptional amenities fit for those that value luxury and style when it comes to the places they live. For those that enjoy a little bit of play additional amenities make for exciting new experiences. Workaholics are not left behind, because 1010 Wilshire also has the perfect set up for those in the film and entertainment industry to complete their projects right where they live and play.

This corporate housing has changed the way the game is played. Convenience has never been easier. Opulence has never been more stunning. Their livable short term apartment options come fully furnished. They are equipped with high speed internet and phone. Gourmet kitchens are perfect for entertaining. Hardwood floors make for easy walking and glass tile bathrooms make for a spa-like experience after a long day of work. It is the perfect setting for executives from Colorado .

Besides the furnished apartment, you have a play area that comes equipped with a private gym and spa services. Rooftop pool for late night cocktails and swims. Entertainment and recreational areas. Regularly scheduled events for those that want to mingle and stay where they reside.

For those that want the perfect place to film you have access to office space, filming locations such as, the gym, pool and rooftop areas. There is cat walk access and concierge services. Security is available for your filming needs. Clean up after the filming process is also one of the amenities offered.

The options are endless as you can choose from a basic floor plan to a penthouse. The 1010 Wilshire is an award winning location with everything you ever need. The entire concept is based around making you comfortable enough to relax, providing playful experiences you will never forget and a top-notch location to work. The idea is to never have to leave home when you have everything you need in one place.