The uniqueness of Tenten Wilshire lies in its undeniable personality. Even the most celebrated hotels, resorts and corporate suites tend to lack one common quality. They all never quite feel like home! This new 16 story complex is the masterwork of designers and patrons who require convenience, locale, class, and the space to do what they do best. Whether it is hosting VIPs, term rents for production crews and casts, or giving clients a resting and playing option far beyond a hotel stay; in LA, this is “charm central.”

Almost all business, art and film projects requiring rare locations and smooth operation in Inglewood CA will increase the likelihood of success just by designing production and travel schedules around time spent here. From the arrival and welcome of key people, their entourage and pets, to a one-of-a-kind POV of downtown LA, 1010 Wilshire is a proven industry gem housing resource.

The more than 200 fully furnished suites exhibit qualities that make any resident feel as though they can call it home. Rates are flexible according to resident numbers and length of stay. All popular media communications are available in each suite along with, concierge service, event centers, private roof recreation area, private gym, and anything a professional large studio could offer to assist with real life, or entertainment production.

All suites in this exceptional location are considered executive suites. No amenity is spared for any resident. Floor plans vary from standard options to expansive penthouses, but each resident is considered significant in the close, discerning, professional neighborhood.

In the past, the term corporate housing has meant different things. 1010 Wilshire has completely redefined what this means. It has raised the bar for facilitating the work of professionals far beyond any other corporate residences on the continent. It might seem difficult to begin a professional relationship with this entity, but the comfort and convenience begins with a visit to 1010's Website, and a following private tour of the tower.