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It takes only a few minutes to understand what TenTen-Wilshire offers in Tracy, a growing city close to Silicon Valley of California. One of the excellent features of Wilshire is that it tells you, up front, the price, type and other details you will be receiving by renting. Choose the unit that is right for your situation and budget and you will be satisfied with what you get in return.

Once you have chosen one of the executive suites to rent, you might want to recommend this property to your family and friends. Do not forget to mention that TenTen-Wilshire offers fully furnished suites that come with furniture set, appliances, storage areas, private parking and much more. Fill out a form at the office and you are ready to go. Speaking of the city, you will be at close proximity to major shopping centers, theaters, retail stores, pharmacies, schools, parks and many major places of interest in Tracy. You are getting best value for your rent at Tenten-Wilshire. Here, the residents will get to enjoy all the common features such as gym, clubhouse, entertainment rooms, business center, spas, swimming pool, ample parking space and much more. Furthermore, you will have much time left to spend with your family and friends during your leisure hours than tending to repairing broken pipes because the maintenance crew at TenTen will take care of your repair and maintenance needs on time. This is a place where you can focus on other important things in life without having to worry about trivial items. You will improve your productivity at work as well by living a luxury lifestyle of your dream.

If choosing your unit sounds tedious, you might prefer setting up an appointment with the management staff to help you choose the right unit based on your needs and budget. The company has its own official website where you can find details about their availability and types of suites to choose from. You might check out all the additional options and services as well.