If you are on the lookout for a rental property in Malibu CA, you have come to the right place. TenTen Wilshire now offers corporate housing for individuals, families and employers moving into the city.

There are many reasons for deciding to live at TenTen-Wilshire in Malibu. First, the city's affluent neighborhoods have given way to recent surge in rental prices. Second, there are only a handful of properties in the city that provide corporate homes and cater to the needs of growing businesses. Your plan to move into the city will succeed or fail depending upon what property you choose. You may be offered the best unit from other companies but all those come with a huge price. TenTen-Wishire, on the other hand, is more affordable and flexible when it comes to renting a corporate home and furnished suites. Now you can sit around realizing that fact and think about moving peacefully.

Rental units start with studios and lofts and move up to executive suites. These units are fully furnished which means you don't have to move in with your furniture and appliances; the company will provide everything from couch set to your living room, to refrigerator and oven to the kitchen. Get this move right and the rest of your life will be a breeze. TenTen has come up with a totally unique way of serving its residents and customers. It provides customer support whenever needed and honors requests for maintenance and repair from time to time. The property delivers superior quality service to people relying on it, whatever it takes. Here at one of the properties you will find everything in furnished suites for a luxury living, such as club house, gym, swimming pool, spa, entertainment room, sports room, library and much else. Not only that, the place where you live will be conveniently located to nearby malls, parks, schools, offices and many other places of interest in Malibu. Whether you are in Malibu on a one month vacation or looking to stay there for a longer duration, this property is the right choice. Any unit you choose will be well-equipped and placed in a spot where you won't feel isolated in any way. Treat yourself to a great escape at the beaches from these executive suites. Enjoy the elegance of shopping centers overlooking the Pacific Coast. TenTen-Wilshire has custom built accommodations to make your life in this beach city more easy and pleasant. You will find that the private balconies and windows open to a scenic view of the coast, traffic and nature.