Beverly Hills CA is well known and loved for its opulence and attention the glamorous things in life. You should not expect anything less while staying at the 1010 Wilshire. It is without a doubt one of the best places to live if you crave the luxury of 90210 without the price tag.You will have a glittering view of the city from the comfort of your quite lovely corporate housing. The 1010 Wilshire gets it right when it comes to making sure residents are happy.

The executive suites at the 1010 Wilshire are quickly getting a reputation for their sleek appeal and sophistication. These are not apartments where residents will question their move. Instead, the community aspect is one that many readily embrace things like the roof top terrace or the gym. These are places where people can get to know each other and socialize. The 1010 Wilshire is just the beginning when it comes to enjoying all the surrounding are has to offer.

The TenTen Wilshire is a prestigious place to offer corporate accommodation. If you want employees near the office without compromising on their standard of living, then place them here. They will fall in love with the area, and it might even convince them to move in permanently thanks to the luxurious furnished suites offered to guests when they first arrive. Long or short term corporate accommodation does not have to be an expectation when it has the ability to be the exception.

Executive suites always get a bad rap for being full of questionable tenants and even more questionable bed linens. However, that will never be the case during a stay at the 1010 Wilshire. This apartment complex will make residents fall in love with the idea of living downtown where everything is just minutes away. This is the prime place to be if you want really impress the team.