In the past, office spaces were lackluster, cluttered and not very pleasant to be in. If an employee is going to spend at least 40 hours of their week in one location, shouldn’t it be a bit more welcoming?

Our opinion is yes!

Located at 1010 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles is TenTen Wilshire, on office building dedicated to making work a fun place to be in again. Unlike most office rental buildings, we did our due diligence to find out what makes an office space welcoming and inviting. After collecting data for years by talking to executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, we have come up with a unique formula that makes us special.

A 3-in-1 Combination

TenTen Wilshire is a building were tenants can live, work and play without ever having to walk out the front door. We have established community of entrepreneurs and start-ups that share office spaces which are available on a month to month basis. Our collaborative office space rentals are for growing businesses, professional service firms, companies that need temporary space or anyone who needs a quiet place to stay in.

The best thing about our office spaces is that they come readily equipped with essentials. These essentials include copy machines, printers, multiple phone line capabilities, mailing services, complimentary utilities and more! The spacious interior, sophisticated furniture and scenic view from above give us an advantage over other office space rentals.

But that is not all.

After a long day at the office, we offer ways to let out some steam without ever having to leave the building. Inside we have a large event center, several recreational rooms, a movie theater and a rooftop pool area where tenants can enjoy cocktails while playing a game of billiards with coworkers.

In addition to that, every year at TenTen Wilshire we hold several special events for our hard-working tenants. Two of the most popular events we hold are the the 1010 Casino and Costume Ball and the Ethno Candy Poolside Collection. If you are interested in seeing what these fun filled events are all about, become a member of our building and see it for yourself!

Schedule a Tour of the Facility

At TenTen Wilshire, we know how important first impressions can be. Whether you are a group of entrepreneurs making a name for yourselves or a seasoned CEO looking to relocate, come on by and see our facility for yourself! If you want to move out from Silver Lake, Hollywood, or any other district in downtown Los Angeles but do not want to lose your clients, gives us a call today at 877-959-3621. You can also schedule a complimentary tour by contacting us through