It’s no big secret that a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing office space can have massive benefits to a company’s culture. When an employee is happy to come to work and comfortable in their environment, it directly impacts productivity and staff morale. Vibrant surroundings cultivate creativity, stimulate the senses and make work a fun place to be at.

Does your office space create this kind of buzz?

If not, finding a new office space rental may be something you are considering for your company. You will likely consider the layout of the building as a major factor, but what about amenities? If you want an office space that brings a whole new level of energy to your workplace, TenTen Wilshire may just have the perfect building for you and your staff.

Fully Equipped Suites

If you have a business located near the coastal city of Santa Monica and are ready for a change of scenery, consider visiting 1010 Wilshire at the corner of S. Beaudry Ave. and Wilshire Blvd. There, you will find a building that takes comfort and luxury to the next level!

TenTen Wilshire has left no stone unturned in making the perfect location for businesses trying to find an ideal collaborative office space for their company. All-inclusive amenities include free basic utilities, free valet parking, free premium cable, free high-speed internet, and free local phone calls.

The suites come with stylish, fully furnished rooms on top of rich hardwood floors. This modern, yet humble appeal has given our building a zen feel that makes it comfortable to work in. After a long day at the office, employees can move through the building to enjoy the event center, recreational rooms, game rooms, and movie theater without stepping outside!

Know what else is neat?

There is a rooftop bar open throughout the week! Aside from making new social bonds with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and office employees in the building, your employees can also make plans to build chemistry among the group! Enjoy the spectacular Los Angeles view from above with cocktails and good vibes.

Come in for a Complimentary Tour Today!

Whether it is entrepreneurs starting a new business or CEOs looking for greener pastures, TenTen Wilshire can provide a luxurious experience that will make coming to work fun, exciting and relaxing! If you are interested in seeing the building up close to see what it is all about, come by for a complimentary tour! Give us a call at 877-959-3621 or email today to see when we can accommodate you at your earliest convenience.