Are you trying to shake up the team chemistry of your employees? Are you tired of walking into a building that is dull and devoid of life? If so, you may not have to wait any longer to make changes. At 1010 Wilshire you can find office space rentals available in the TenTen Wilshire building. Located on the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and South Beaudry Avenue, we make going to work exciting again!

How do we accomplish this?

Our highly experienced team of designers and architects got together to make one of the most unique, highly creative office buildings found anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We even took the advice of local entrepreneurs, freelancers and CEOs to find out exactly what they look for in a work environment. Once we had the blueprint in place, we went to work.

The result of our toils is a collaborative office space that is designed to promote interaction, relieve stress and simplify the average day at the office as much as possible. Some of our numerous amenities include fully furnished suites, secured wireless internet throughout the property, mailing services, on-site courtesy patrol, multiple phone line capabilities and much more!

First Comes Work, Then Comes Play

Most employees after a long day at work love to spend time away from the office to unwind and relax. What if this could be done without ever leaving the property? At TenTen Wilshire, we bring the fun to you! We have a spacious event center, a movie theater inside the building and multiple recreational rooms that make your downtime a short distance away from the office!

One of our favorite amenities is a rooftop pool with an open bar. Experience the beautiful Los Angeles landscape from above with cocktails and great company! Co-mingle with other entrepreneurs and office staff in the building to broaden your business circle, make new connections and be inspired by how others coordinate their businesses.

Some of the many events that happen throughout the year include the 1010 Casino and Costume Ball, the Ethno Candy Poolside Collection and the International Mixer event. Although we specialize in leasing office space rentals, we also know what it takes to have a good time after a long day at work.

Schedule a Complimentary Tour Today at TenTen Wilshire

Do you want to relocate your offices away from Palmer Park but stay in the Los Angeles area? Come by TenTen Wilshire and experience a complimentary tour. Simply give us a call at 877-959-3621 or notify us through email at so we can schedule a time and day that is most convenient for you.