Long gone are the days of white cubicles, cluttered offices and dull decorations. Businesses have come to realize that well-decorated office space with amenities can improve staff chemistry, lower the turnover rate and boost morale.

Why is this important?

A happy employee will put more effort into their work, making your business more money. A miserable employee who hates their job will give minimal effort, making you lose money. Considering a large portion of our lives are spent at work, don’t you think it makes sense to make it a welcoming place?

The answer should be a resounding yes!

If you have your offices located in Hollywood, California and are looking to relocate somewhere nearby, consider making a stop at 1010 Wilshire located on South Beaudry Ave. and Wilshire Blvd. There you will see TenTen Wilshire, an office building dedicated to creating a new lifestyle for professionals.

Live Comfortably. Work Hard. Have Fun.

At TenTen Wilshire, you will find a collaborative office space that redefines what you think an office building should look like. When the building was originally being designed, everything was taken into serious consideration. from the position of the windows in the building to the type of furniture used, all the way to the location of the plants, no stone was left unturned when TenTen Wilshire committed having the most unique office space rental in the Los Angeles area.

Whether you are a successful CEO in control of numerous office spaces or a group of freelancers trying to make a name for yourselves, TenTen Wilshire lofts can comfortably accommodate the many and the few. In addition to our lofts, we have a spacious event center, numerous recreational rooms and a movie theater inside the building to make your free time one elevator ride away to fun!

But that is not all.

We even have a rooftop bar for our tenants to enjoy! Whether you need a breath of fresh air in the afternoon or want to enjoy happy hour with coworkers after work, take a ride to the rooftop of the TenTen Wilshire building and enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles landscape from above!

Schedule a Tour of the Office

We know how important first impressions matter, so come on by and look at our office building for yourself! If you want to move out from Hollywood but do not want to lose your current clientele, call us today at 877-959-3621 or email stay@1010wilshire.com to schedule a tour around the building. We promise you will be impressed with our flexible leasing packages and sophisticated architecture.