Starting a business or beginning an inspiring film production can start within your own home, but as time goes on you may need a business address to add a few more benefits to your endeavor. An even better way of opening a business location is through a collaborative office space leasing property because in doing so, you can rent the office space you want without having to rent space you don't need. Many millennial entrepreneurs love not only the financial savings collaborative space can afford them, but also the personal interactions it affords them. At our place near Glassell Park, CA, you can participate in networking and take advantage of our infrastructure to get your business or film production going.

The office space we rent out is done through our 1010 Wilshire properties. This includes our corporate housing and other on-site facilities. Our office space is leased on a first come first serve basis, and you can choose from renting simple open space for your needs, or choose a fully-furnished private office. As a tenant of 1010, you can also access our gym, gaming rooms, rooftop, and swimming pool and partake of the play experience we have here. Likewise, our apartments are also fully furnished and come in luxurious designs and with tremendous comforts, you'd find at home.

If our office space rentals and luxury apartments here at TENTEN Wilshire sound too good to be true, you should come to our place to see for yourself. Our staff will guide you through the facility and show you why many freelancers and filmmakers have loved the advantages of our environment. You can sign up to take the tour today and inquire about our leases by calling 1-877-423-3058, or contact us at