If you want something new and exciting where you go to work, you can find it with a collaborative office space. Many business owners and freelancers are moving away from the old office model where everyone was isolated and compartmentalized, and now moving into space where peer collaboration and networking is made easier. This is what our property offers entrepreneurs and businesses looking for flexible floor plans. Not only can you interact with other businesses, build a new clientele or even add new members to your team in a coworking environment, but you can even attend larger networking events and conferences when they're hosted at locations like ours.

Our collaborative office and residential spaces can be found near Edendale, CA at our all-inclusive 1010 Wilshire property. Along with open office areas, private desks with landline phones, and fantastic IT infrastructure, you can also reserve conference rooms, receive packages and use our office equipment when you rent from us. If you want more than just office space and want to experience our luxurious living, you can also bundle one of our corporate apartments in with your office space. Tenants can also have fun working out in our gym, take a break to get a massage, and even enjoy outdoor activities around the pool area of our rooftop.

Clients who lease office space rentals here at TENTEN Wilshire come from filming, finance, digital advertising, real estate and other industries, and all of them have given our service high satisfaction ratings. You can see why for yourself if you take the free tour of our property. You'll be able to see which available office spaces would like work best for you, and even check out available apartments if you're renting housing as well. Available spaces can be leased out quickly, so you should schedule an appointment as possible by calling 1-877-423-3058, or visiting www.1010Wilshire.com.