Two things are important when looking around for new office space. Where you work and how you work mean everything, and at our collaborative office space facility near Eagle Rock, CA, we aim to show you how innovative workspace can be both productive and fun. Many things can be done when you step outside of cloistered workspace and start spreading ideas and networking with fellow entrepreneurs or aspiring filmmakers. Collaborative spaces allow you to start from scratch, acquire more space as needed, and even reserve and use business equipment and board rooms as needed.

1010 Wilshire is the place where all of this can happen, and the office space here is designed to be comfortable and have amenities right at your fingertips. Our IT setup and enterprise wi-fi network has both fast download speeds and high bandwidth allowing freelancers and tech developers to stay productive. We also have administrative support staff who can take care of other items on your agenda, and there are even valet parking and other concierge services on-site. If you want even more out of the 1010 experience, we also have fully-furnished executive apartments and a plethora of play amenities to enjoy. And leasing our office space or apartments can be done on both a short-term and long-term plan.

Who has enjoyed the benefits of working and living at TENTEN Wilshire? Clients from Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and more who love the comforts found here. You can be a part of it too by scheduling a tour of the facility, filling out the paperwork and beginning your office space rental. It's not difficult to get started, but you should sign up while availabilities last. To find out more about our rentals, call 1-877-423-3058 or visit