Not every office is a permanent workplace. With many newer generations of entrepreneurs looking for mobility in how and where they work, things have started to change in the office space scene. A popular office lease option today is collaborative office space, a place where employees or independent contractors can work surrounded by potential new partners, or they can rent out more private offices if they need less noise to make phone calls and be productive. At our all-in-one residential and commercial property, you can find collaborative space along with apartments and rent them for as long as you need.

Our place is 1010 Wilshire and it's located in some of LA's quality neighborhoods near shopping centers, motion picture studios, civic centers, and there's even a property near scenic Chula Vista, CA. All of our properties have lease options and setups that make it easy to move in and connect to the internet to get to work. Our professional staff is always ready to help and they include secretaries, IT technicians, shipping center operators, parking attendants, and housekeepers. But more than just office space rentals, we also have loft-style apartments with luxurious furnishings and accessories to make your stay feel like home.

While many big-name film executives and Hollywood personalities have lived and worked here, TENTEN Wilshire has also been leased by real estate brokers, tech companies, marketing firms and even freelancers. With leases starting at month-to-month and various discounts and deals that come with renting from us, the opportunity for you to enjoy our amenities has never been better. You can get started today by scheduling a free tour of TENTEN at a time that's convenient for you by calling 1-877-423-3058, or visiting