Have you wanted quality office space but at less of a setup premium and deep investment that most of LA's landlords charge? The good news is you can find it right here at our collaborative office space facility where both coworking space and private turnkey offices can be rented. Entrepreneurs today look for space that's flexible with their growth and allows them to scale up or down. Collaborative offices are great for startups that need to network and find potential investors, partners, clients, and new talent. from desks and tables in an open setting to high volume shipping centers, office equipment, and other full-scale business services, collaborative space is a great solution for businesses wanting to bang for their buck.

You can find these coworking and turnkey office space rentals here at 1010 Wilshire. We're committed to professionalism while at the same time being host to a relaxed work environment where you can work in comfort and ease around a friendly staff. Our wi-fi is business-grade and brings you high speed so you can upload files to the cloud or engage in business video chat when needed. Our living space rentals match the quality of our office spaces with ultra-comfortable furniture and flat-screen TVs, stainless steel appliances, and so much more.

If you're looking for a collaborative office environment near Brentwood, CA, you can find it at one of our DTLA TENTEN Wilshire properties. Our place houses workers of all professions from IT specialists, film producers, financial service providers and even freelancers. The steps to renting at TENTEN begin with signing up for our free tour, then choosing a lease agreement that matches your term needs. To get started, call our toll-free number at 1-877-423-3058, or fill out the form at www.1010Wilshire.com.