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Have you ever thought of a time where the future of office space would change? What if different companies built of a few entrepreneurs were no longer housed in different company buildings but instead were now working side by side? The future of this is now with collaborative office space which isn’t a corridor of closed-door offices but instead tends to consist of open workspace. This kind of space tends to be more affordable for smaller businesses with smaller budgets, but it also can facilitate quicker growth for them since there are many other freelancers and developers they can build their networks with.

Our office space here at 1010 Wilshire is equipped with desk space, high-speed business wi-fi, and printing and fax machines in the business center. You can also rent private turnkey offices if you need a more quiet space to work. Also, a part of our TENTEN property is our corporate apartments. These apartments are fully furnished and come with flat-screen TVs, home theater systems, fully equipped kitchens, very comfortable king-sized beds, and other technology hookups. Both our office space rentals and apartments are managed by professionally trained staff and maintained by housekeepers and maintenance technicians.

The TENTEN Wilshire experience not only has all-inclusive office space and luxuries in living, but it also is full of fun such as the fitness room, the billiard areas, the movie screening rooms, and in-house theaters, and also the pool and cocktail bar area. You can enjoy these amenities by signing up for one of the leases that we can go over when you visit our property. You can schedule this free tour of our property near Alhambra, CA by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-423-3058, or filling out the free tour form at