If you have lived or visited Chicago, then you know that it is truly the windy city. I visited Chicago a few summers ago when a cousin of mine had moved there for school. When I arrived, one of the first things I remember him telling me is that the city is not called the windy city for nothing. It truly is windy. It is not so much a heavy wind but more like a constant swirl in the air. That ‘swirl’ does not go away, ever. In the summertime it was nice, but I could imagine how it can get a bit frustrating if you live there.

We got to visit all the great sites, including Wrigley Field and Lincoln Park. We even took a boat ride out on Lake Michigan where we caught wonderful views of the city skyline. The skyline sits at the edge of the lake. A must see in Chicago is Wrigley Field of course. The natural history of the park and the fact that most games are played in the daytime make it a wonderful experience. If you are considering relocating for work or just want to shake things up, Chicago is definitely a great place to be. In the wintertime it can get a bit tough with the conditions but that also has its own beauty to it.

If you get to stay in Chicago long enough, it is also worth making the drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And if you get that far, it is worth going a little further to Green Bay especially if you are a football fan. There isn’t a whole lot else to see there other than Lambeau field but that itself is worth the trip. The farmers market is a great sight too. There you’ll find some of the best cheese in the state. Cheese made from only grass fed cows. You can also buy some great wine and sample it before you do so.