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After Charlotte’s disastrous season last year, free agency for Charlotte was beginning to look like a place for players to get overpaid and for coaches to get their feet wet before moving onto bigger and better things. So when Al Jefferson left Utah to sign a 3-year/$40 million deal with Charlotte, fans (and probably the front office as well) knew they were overpaying for a guy who played his best basketball in 2008-2009. No one expected to hear Charlotte fans chanting “MVP!” this season, well at least to someone who played for Charlotte. We’re almost to the playoffs and Big Al has been doing big things for the Bobcats.

Al Jefferson is playing the best basketball of his career. He had always been labeled as a one- trick pony: A low-post monster that couldn’t stop a nosebleed. Though the former is still absolutely true, Al Jefferson is proving that 29 isn’t too old to begin growing and showing new aspects of your game. Big Al is stopping just a little over 53% of the 8.5 shots attempted against him in the paint. It may not sound impressive compared to some of the more elite rim protectors (Hibbert, R. Lopez, Noah) but it’s a huge step up for the big guy who’s allowed closer to 60% during his tenure with the Jazz. Some credit (well, maybe a lot of it) has to go to first year coach Steve Clifford, who’s created a scheme that co-operates with Al’s trouble of handling the roll on PnR (Pick & Roll) situations; that’s taken the Bobcats from a league worst defense in 2013 to a 6th ranked in 2014.

But most importantly, Big Al has done what only a handful of other players in the league could do…. HE MADE THE BOBCATS WATCHABLE! He plays his heart out every night, and as of late has made Bobcat games a must watch because you don’t want to miss the monster put up forty and pull down twenty. He given room for Kemba Walker to grow, and as a whole, the team chemistry has grown. With other role-players like Bob McBobBerts and MKG, the Bobcats are definitely going to be a team you can’t miss come the playoffs. I doubt there’ll be an extra banner hanging in Charlotte come 2014, but with Big Al in the game, its guaranteed to be exciting.