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If you’re in search of a furnished apartment with Live Amenities and Work Amenities, then you are in the right place. When you’re in the Westwood Village area, the best places to stay are luxury apartments available from 1010 Wilshire. Fully furnished and comfortable, our apartments and executive suites can actually save you a substantial amount of money and hassles.

With our all-inclusive apartment solution you shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing furniture or calling all over town trying to find a nice place to live. Our apartments are elegantly designed and luxuriously furnished with sophisticated amenities. The comfortable accommodations and lavish amenities we provide will surely make your stay in this area pleasurable and exciting.

Furnished apartments are a top choice of business travelers, tourists, corporate executives, professionals and many others who come to Westwood Village CA area to stay, as well as on vacation. Many people nowadays prefer a furnished, elegant apartment or luxuriously furnished condo than getting a hotel room. Whether you are looking for a short-term accommodation or long-term apartment, you can get it at an affordable rate if you let us help you. We even have Pet friendly apartment for rent near Westwood Village.

Some of the amenities and services of TenTen Wilshire are: Modern and well-equipped kitchen, laundry and dryer, high-speed Internet access, and roof top pool and sauna. We also have well-equipped fitness center and yoga instructor. Our Fully Equipped Suites also come with facilities like dishwasher, balcony, fireplace, laminate floorings, fire-pit, air conditioners, bad, furniture, and other amenities. Moreover, utilities like water, electricity, and television, and others are also included.

Avoid the stress and time consuming task of searching for a place to stay. Using our services will certainly be of tremendous benefit to you. For those who are pressed for time, particularly entrepreneurs, tourists, business professionals and corporate personnel, consulting with a renowned luxury apartment provider is absolutely the best option.

Our company has been providing rental services for a looking time and we have a great reputation in the industry. Some of our tenants and clients include highly successful businesspeople, artists, lawyers, entertainers, corporate executives, professionals and civilians who desire to stay in a prestigious area near Westwood Village.

If you want a perfect location for your all-in-one spot to work, live and play, then contact 1010 Wilshire right away. Simply visit our website and subscribe for a free tour of our fabulous facilities. We will get back to you promptly.

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If you are in the Universal City area and are considering renting a furnished apartment or executive suite, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the vast range of Live Amenities and Work Amenities that we offer. We provide some of the most elegant apartments in this area.

Apartments for rent near Universal City are a great choice for tourists, vacationers, business executives and others who want to enjoy the city lifestyle.

Universal City has an indescribable aura and an amazing sense of endless possibilities. This area has an exciting mix of restaurants, shops, galleries, recreational and entertainment venues, financial institutions and other businesses.

As far as apartments or executive housing near Universal City CA go, this dynamic area has a lot to offer. No matter what amenities or size of apartment you are looking for, 1010 Wilshire can help you. Don’t waste valuable time searching all over the Internet or calling multiple apartment rental agents trying to find a suitable accommodation for you. Let us match you with the perfect apartment or executive suite.

TenTen Wilshire is a top rated provider of apartments for rent, with several locations. We provide people from all walks of life, with a comfortable apartment featuring a modern urban lifestyle in the area’s most prestigious locations. With Fully Equipped Suites available near Universal City, whether you’re on vacation, traveling for work or relocating permanently, you can relax and enjoy your stay.

Enjoy extraordinary features and amenities including luxury suites, beautifully landscaped property, a fitness center, jaccuzzi,, a rooftop pool, adequate parking space, secure building, and a business center and state of the art technology as well as spectacular city views.

Whether it is for plain elegance, royalty feel or that luxurious style, for the discerning professionals and executives, our furnished apartment offers you some of life’s most welcoming pleasures. We have many renters and clients who keep on coming back to us whenever they need a place to stay in this area. From the amenities and services, to residence features and a vast array of services and features, many unmatched by others, you will certainly be delighted. And with our 24-hour security surveillance system monitoring the environment, your mind will always be at peace.

Ready to find the perfect apartment for your lifestyle? Contact 1010 Wilshire today. Simply go to our website and send a request for consultation and free personal viewing. We will get back to you promptly.

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Location is an important factor to your next fully equipped work space.

What would it mean to have the world’s greatest staff together but a meager to lackluster atmosphere to put them in? Combining an awesome location with convenience of a fully-serviced building is a feat we accomplish like no other. So why not combine your necessary amenities and all in one package?

This is the option you have in California and for the business, living or playing occasions. You can do this today at 1010 Wilshire and its open availability for you and your organization. It’s a place where many upscale citizens in town “Live, Work and Play.”

The health of any company lies within the dynamic of its very own people. It’s very own human resources. Not a person on this planet can deny the full-life experience found within reach of open doors or a couple off floors retreat above and below.

This is why you can expect fully equipped suites at the tower, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of comfort for your staff and their families. From complete access to management and caretakers; to a complete access to rooftop living, pools, and social hangouts, Toluca Lake CA is a booming region matched by no other. The ease that patrons experience with our “Live, Work, Play” approach to life has invigorated organizations and families worldwide.

There is a unique advantage you have when all of life’s fundamental experiences can be found in one all-inclusive location. Remember, location is of utter importance, and the Toluca Lake region of California state is incorporated into the work amenities we proudly offer.

You can expect fully-furnished offices and executive suites; premium cable, phone services, wireless broadband, ATMs, copy and fax machines; 24/7 on-site security, mail delivery services, tax incentives, conference rooms, networking events, a supportive stuff and a professional decor that makes you feel at home and at ease. We call these our work amenities for a reason. The impressive live amenities are just as stunning in detail.

What you get is housekeeping, panoramic views matched by no other, fully-furnished kitchens, living quarters, recreation rooms, a movie theater, 24hr security patrol for safety, valet services around the clock, in house laundry, soaking tubs, AC and heating; and a pet friendly environment.

The exquisite options offered at TenTen Wilshire is the expression of our long-standing reputation. We are proud of it and invite you to join the community. Our doors are now open.

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The TENTEN Wilshire is a premier luxury housing facility in the heart of Los Angeles CA. By choosing to invest in spending time at the fully equipped suites here guests give themselves the opportunity to indulge in all that this vibrant city has to offer while maintaining an easy balance between work, life, and fun things to do in their leisure time.

Downtown LA is home to many landmarks and attractions including Wilshire Boulevard which houses the 1010 Wilshire. The Staples Center and LA Convention Center, and LA Live are right across the street and attractions like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Exposition Park neighbor the facility. Situated close to the major highways of the city The 1010 Wilshire offers its guest the ability to enjoy all of not only LA’s attractions but the landmarks, beaches, and cities of all of Southern LA.

For those who want to experience the culture and fun of Thailand while staying at The TENTEN Wilshire the proximity to the area of LA known as Thai Town CA is ideal. Thai town offers a chance to experience Thai incredible and authentic Thai food and more importantly to meet and engage with people from this lovely and lively part of the world and to purchase goods that are authentically Thai no sometimes even from Thailand.

The live amenities at the 1010 are luxurious and stylishly designed to feature fixtures to make residents feel completely at home. Each suite features furnishings of the highest quality and includes queen or king sized beds, 42 inch LCD televisions, iPod ready sound systems, fully equipped dining and kitchen areas, toiletry kits, laundry units. In addition to the incredible furnishings, basic utilities, wired and wireless internet and phone service are included with each suite.

There’s plenty to do for fun at The TenTen as well, the facilities are equipped with many different ways to spend time and enjoy and entertain without leaving the premises including an on site movie theater, jacuzzi, outdoor sports tables and areas, a bar, a salon and spa, and a rooftop pool. All these amenities are beautifully designed and facilitated by professionals and maintenance teams to ensure that residents get to experience them freely and safely at their leisure. A room service and 24 hour concierge front desk are available to see to guests needs no matter the time of day.

Work amenities are plentiful at 1010 as well. With a business center on-site we have space and services equipped to be useful to residents who need to use them for their work. Board and conference rooms, ATMs, copy and fax machines are available for use.

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Are you an entrepreneur preparing to launch a product marketing plan that emphasis your brands luxury status and style? When building a brand attitude, quality and integrity are just a few key elements that detirmin your companies investment potential. Luxury is all about high quality fashion forward fun and exciting events with the look and feel of the easy good life. If you intend to establish a luxe reputation for your company your business event location is everything. You want to create an environment for your partners, clients and affiliates that provokes ease and comfort without neglecting the invocation of the inspiration needed to achieve a high performance, high quality business work ethic. Boost your product marketing by hosting a live, work and play event introducing your innovative products to your marketing staff and consumers on the world famous Wilshire Boulevard.

TENTEN Wilshire located on Wilshire Boulevard near Sunset Hills CA offers a balance of live, work and play amenities as well as the benefits of a location guaranteed to invoke in your staff the inspiration required to successfully expedite your brands production, marketing and sales.

Launching your business full speed ahead into a coveted style and class that attracts all esthetics can be easily achieved within TENTEN Wilshire’s fully equipped suites starting with their live amenities. TENTEN in-suite amenities include fully furnished bedrooms, living rooms, desk top study area and fully equipped kitchens. TENTEN exceeds the expectations of an average suite with its attention to detail. Equipping their suites with everything you can expect from a luxury suit including accessories such as stylish dish-ware, flatware, cookware, paintings, rugs and much more.

TENTEN’s community amenities are top-notch for fun and business beginning with their award winning roof top. Complete with everything from a private gym, Aveda Salon and Spa, Movie/Screening room along with Foosball and Ping Pong tables to several annual on-site hosted events such as poolside fashion shows and charity fundraisers. TENTEN’s work amenities offer board and conference rooms as well as a fully equipped business center. TenTen’s stellar business center offers access to luxury business necessities such as ATM’s and computer-equipped work stations. 1010’s Fed-Ex UPS drop boxes, packing shipping, and mailing on-site amenities conveniently allot for on-spot in demand distribution of products which creates immediate growth potential for your business. For specific inquirers and detailed information visit the 1010 Wilshire website to subscribe for a free tour today.

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TenTen Wilshire is a highly reputable company that provides elegant apartments for rent in prestigious locations. When you are too busy with business tasks or other issues, the last thing you want to bother with is how you will find a perfect place to stay, not to mention the tremendous effort and amount of time involved in planning your budget. When you have a furnished or fully equipped suite to move into, it can certainly reduce or eliminate the stress. That is why you should contact a reliable apartment rental provider for assistance.

Beautiful apartments are available near Sunset Gower Studios CA, but it is extremely difficult to find a suitable residential apartment without expert assistance. We are here to help you get a nice apartment.

At 1010 Wilshire, we have a huge database of luxury apartments and executive suites. We offer the perfect location for your all-in-one spot to work, live and play. Our fully furnished housing units are unrivaled because our staff zealously improves the design and decoration with high class amenities and furnishings.

If you’re searching for an apartment with Work Amenities or Live Amenities, we can assist you in getting a suitable place. Our convenient location put you near Sunset Gower Studios. Our apartment for rent features a vast range of quality amenities and services, including a fitness center, rooftop pool, resident lounge areas and much more. In addition, our stylish housing units offer modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Our residents enjoy access to nearby shopping venues, restaurants and outdoor activities.

Our all-in-one spot is appealing to people from all walks of life, who desire the best quality amenities. There are countless lawyers, businesspeople, artists, entrepreneurs, entertainers and professionals who benefit tremendously from the perfect mix of live, work and play.

1010 Wilshire has been providing rental services for many years, and has a great reputation in the industry. We know what you need to live comfortably. And now you can let us use our expertise to match you with the right accommodation for you. Whether you need a luxuriously furnished housing unit or an all-in-one solution with state of the art technology, our friendly staff is here to meet your needs. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

If you truly desire the best quality apartment in one of the best areas, we can help you. Contact us today for a personalized tour of our Fully Equipped Suites and high-class amenities.

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Are you looking for an apartment for rent in the Spaulding Square CA area? Want a furnished or serviced apartment near Spaulding Square? Fully Equipped Suites and luxury apartments and condos are available in Spaulding Square and surrounding areas. And TenTen Wilshire provides luxurious serviced apartment which offers real cost savings.

At 1010 Wilshire, we provide you with all the essentials necessary for a comfortable stay in this area. The apartment will usually come with facilities like laminate floorings, dishwasher, bed, furniture, fire-pit, balcony, fireplace, air conditioners, secure parking and much more. Our fully furnished apartments include all the amenities, conveniences and comforts you need to feel at home.

Some of the luxury features and amenities that these executive apartments and luxury housing for rent consist of include roof top pool, helipad, high speed Internet, business centers, nicely equipped gym, fully equipped kitchens, stylish, fully furnished suites, and 24 hour security. Therefore, when you are ready to find an apartment for rent get in touch with us. We will match you with all-inclusive fully furnished apartment that provides you with utmost comfort and convenience.

These luxury apartments come with Live Amenities and Work Amenities and are only a few minutes from the area’s most famous shopping spots, dining and entertainment venues. Our all-inclusive luxury apartments and executive suites are suitable for business travelers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, producers, entertainers, directors, writers and professionals who want to stay in a perfect live, work and play location. Of course, these elegant apartments and luxury accommodations are also ideal for tourists, couples and those who are on vacation and need a nice place to stay.

If you are keen on mixing business with pleasure and desire an all-in-one spot, contact 1010 Wilshire for help. We have a great reputation for providing the best quality housing and apartments for people from all walks of life. Out experienced consultants will find out what your requirements are and then match you with a suitable apartment near Spaulding Square. If you are looking for a Pet friendly apartment, we’ve got you covered as well.

Ready for your beautiful apartment? Our friendly rental consultant will be happy to help you. Visit our website to check out the wide variety of first-class amenities and features of our apartment for rent. And, be sure to request an appointment for a free tour of our location. You’ll be glad you did.

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Looking for corporate housing or furnished apartment with Work Amenities and Live Amenities? We can help you find furnished apartments for rent. We have a fabulous range of top notch apartments and executive housing near Silver Lake CA. And our list of renters and clients is quite impressive and include businesspeople, professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, producers, directors and others who desire a prestigious, all-in-one spot to live, work and play.

There are many benefits to getting a fully-furnished apartment, including quick and hassle-free move-in. Renting a furnished apartment reduces the volume of items you bring along. Moreover, furnished housing or apartment is often convenient for those who need to get a place for temporary stay. There are many apartments for rent in this area but keep in mind that not all apartments for rent offer quality amenities for comfortable living.

At 1010 Wilshire, we offer high-end accommodations with amenities typically associated with a luxury complex. We know that where you live matters, and that is why it’s our priority to provide amenities and services that ensure your complete satisfaction.

We offer Fully Equipped Suites located in a cozy, secure neighborhood. Our location is just minutes from the area’s attractions, including restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues. There are also banks and other financial institutions just a walking distance from the apartments. Getting to public transportation links is fast and easy and it takes only minutes.

Enjoy luxury apartment with private balcony, private bathroom, good lighting and walk-in closet. Our apartment comes with in-unit washer and dryer, modern kitchen and high-quality appliances.

TenTen Wilshire is a leading provider of the best quality apartments for rent in this area. We offer the best value in apartment living and luxury housing near Silver Lake. We are fully committed to your comfort and convenience.

You will receive prompt, reliable service when you contact us. Whether you are interested in short-term housing or you are looking for extended stay accommodation, you can benefit tremendously from our classy amenities and services including luxury suites, beautifully landscaped property, a fitness center, secure building, a business center, adequate parking space, and a rooftop pool.

When you are ready, we recommend visiting 1010 Wilshire location to learn more about our furnished, luxury apartments for rent and the sophisticated amenities we provide. You will be absolutely delighted. Just go to our website and send in your request for a free consultation and we will get back to you promptly.

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Can one apartment building offer everything? Can one apartment building provide so much value, and fun, to its tenants you don’t ever need to leave, because its fully equipped suites have everything not just for living, but for working and playing too?

If so, that apartment building is TENTEN Wilshire, close to Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica CA.

You may never want to leave because, why? But if you ever want to, there’re many places to go, people to see, things to do. Get out, meet the neighbors: the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Staples Center and Exposition Park. In the meantime, you’re enjoying life. If You Lived at TENTEN Wilshire, You’d Not Only Be Home, You’d Be at Play and at Work

These fully equipped suites are perfect for both young and seasoned professionals in the 21st Century. They include: a king or queen bed, an LCD HDTV and iPod-ready sound system.

All tenants can work out in the gym or the swimming pool, then relax in the Jacuzzi and sauna.

1010 Wilshire is also run to encourage networking and socializing as part of its live amenities. When the day’s work is done, relax in the bar area during the complimentary Happy Hour. They regularly schedule social events and mixers to encourage tenants to meet and enjoy each other’s company. There’s also the biweekly wine and cheese mixers. And you’ll meet others while watching movies in the screening room, playing foosball or enjoying the rooftop lounge.

On-Site Work Amenities Enable High Performance

But you’ve got to go to work, right?

That’s why 1010 Wilshire offers furnished office and executive suites that are suitable for living and working in. Services include complimentary utilities and Premium cable. The entire building is wired to supply 100 Mbps broadband Internet access at no additional charge. The conference and meetings rooms come equipped with video and teleconferencing services.

The Work Amenities include Business Centers with ATMs, copy machines, fax machines, equipped work stations and Fed-Ex and UPS dropboxes.

One of the Live Amenities is the Location

Part of the attraction of 1010 Wilshire is how close you are to so many exciting places. That includes all the attractions in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s in the middle of an area served by the most extensive highway network in the world. You can easily hop onto the 110, 10, 101, and 5 freeways. You’re close also to the Los Angeles Convention Center and ESPN Zone, a center for entertainment and good dining. And the Nokia Theater. You’re close to countless fine restaurants, clubs, and music performances, including Santa Monica CA.

Click here now to go to their website for a free on-site tour.

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Looking for a nice apartment near San Jose CA? Want to find an apartment that has everything you need to be comfortable? We can help you. There are a wide variety of apartments for rent in this area but you need to know how to go about getting the right one for your lifestyle and budget. Let us use our expertise to match you with the perfect housing unit for your needs.

At TenTen Wilshire, we provide elegant apartments and executive suites for corporate personnel, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, lawyers, members of the entertainment industry and others who desire a fabulous location. We have provided top quality services for many years and have a great reputation in this area. Whether you want a find a short-term accommodation or you want to rent an apartment for long-term stay, we can help you.

Choose from our huge database of affordable housing, corporate housing, executive suites, pet friendly apartments, and luxurious accommodations. Fully Equipped Suites often come with modern kitchens, including granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, garbage disposal, and gas oven/stove.

1010 Wilshire is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a provider of temporary and corporate apartment solution for executives and professionals. We have sophisticated, elegantly-furnished apartments in several locations near San Jose. Each quality apartment is well-designed, luxuriously furnished and fully equipped and move-in ready. Each apartment comes with all the comforts and conveniences you need to enjoy your stay. Amenities also include modern fitness center, swimming pools, sauna, jaccuzzi, game room and yoga instructor. You’ll also have access to community amenities like entertainment area, club room, secure parking and Wi-Fi lounge.

Boasting stylish furnishings, linens, cookware, high-tech business centers and state of the art technology, 1010 Wilshire executive housing and corporate apartments offer everything you need to live comfortably. Our convenient apartments are just a few minutes from the area’s attractions and recreational facilities. Our location is just a walking distance from public transport links.

Our staff is always ready to provide excellent service, so if you have any concerns we will respond immediately. When you are ready, simply provide us with a list of your requirements and we will quickly get you a suitable, luxury apartment that is within your budget. Visit our website to learn more about our executive suites and luxury apartments with the Live Amenities and Work Amenities designed for your comfort and convenience. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our amazing location.

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The splendid and strategically located TenTen Wilshire apartment offers fully furnished office suites at highly affordable prices to companies and residents living near Palmer Park CA. Renting a fully equipped office suite at our facility will help your business save money because the suites cater for small and mid-size businesses. The benefits of renting fully equipped suites are numerous; they include quick and easy move in process and a reduction in the volume of things you need to carry or purchase. Furnished suites are also convenient for people looking for a temporary place to set up a working or living base.

Our suites feature an assortment of services and amenities meant to make your living and working experience comfortable and fulfilling. The work amenities include; luxurious fully-furnished office and executive suites; Worldclass board and conference rooms and complete business center with computer equipped workstation, fax machines, copy machine and scanner. The other work amenities include complimentary utilities, premium cable, lobby business directory and 67 percent live or work business tax deduction and other tax incentives offered by the state of California.

When it comes living, TenTen Wilshire offers the following live amenities; stylish fully-furnished work suites; flexible lease terms, Caesarstone countertops, pet-friendly suites, events center and in-unit laundry machines. There is also a fully equipped gourmet kitchen that features stainless steel appliances and 24 hour courtesy patrol, valet service and garage parking. There is also plenty of play at TenTen Wilshire. You can start by relaxing by the pool as you enjoy rooftop events such as exercising at the Hi-tech gym located some 200 feet above ground. From here, you will be able to catch the gorgeous LA skyline and its largesse right in front of your face.

If you live near Palmer Park, our downtown address will do more than add prestige to your title, because the apartments offer some of the most ideal suites to live, work and play in downtown LA. Whether you are looking for the comfort of a serene physical location or fully equipped virtual working space; at 1010 Wilshire you are guaranteed an ideal setting that will help you work on the go or away from home. You can subscribe to tour the facility at your convenience by visiting our website at The site offers a schedule form, which you can fill with your contact details. You can also contact our offices at (877) 751-0825 to speak to our friendly staff.

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It is great when everything you need is available where you rent. You can find just that near Mount Olympus at TENTEN Wilshire. This amazing location offer state of the art work amenities as well as the right activities and fun choices of live amenities. Each suite can be personalized and customized to meet your needs and the location also offer conference and board rooms, voice, data and high speed internet and the right environment to socialize and network. You can live, work and play in this all inclusive facility that supplies your every need as well as enjoy all the venues close by. You will be pleased by these fully equipped suites with all utilities included and your friends, business acquaintances and co-workers will be impressed.

TENTEN Wilshire offers short and long term housing as well as all your business needs in the same place. For living you have a living room with a sofa and 42” LCD HDTV with DVD player and a desktop study area, Your suite also has a king or queen size bed, fresh linens and bed set. Your bathroom is also fully stocked. There are beautiful hardwood floors throughout you suite and a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare meals including cookware, cooking tools and utensils, baking dishes and dishware as well as flatware and stem ware. You all inclusive suite has a refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher and there is also a washer and dryer included.

For play, at 1010 Wilshire you will have access to a full private gym that offers spa like accommodations. Enjoy the rooftop pool, lounge, Jacuzzi, rec rooms and other rooftop amenities such as barbecue areas, fire pits, outdoor patios and beautiful breathtaking view. There is also nightly happy hours, regular events and mixers, and a movie theater. If you prefer, take a short stroll to a nearby restaurant, theater or other entertainment.

There are so many benefits to living, working, and playing at 1010 Wilshire. It offers business professionals polished convenience and a place to mingle with other professionals. When not engaged in business, there is so much to enjoy in your suite that you may never want to leave it. When you do come out of your suite, the facility offers the perfect places to relax, enjoy, and socialize. There are also choices of spaces to rent including corporate housing, executive office suites, collaborative office space, and production spaces. Rent as much space as you want or need and have everything you need to be provided for one price. There are fully equipped suites near Mount Olympus CA that offer the right live amenities, the right work amenities,  and the right social amenities. Find them at 1010 Wilshire. Visit the website to book a tour or find out more.

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The TenTen Wilshire is the ideal place to live, work and to play. Those who are looking for fully equipped suites will want to find out what this property has to offer. Here are a few amenities, as well as why you want to stay at this great location for work purposes, play and to live.

Live The property features all of the live amenities you need to enjoy a comfortable way of life. These includes all utilities, such as premium cable, local phone and high speed internet. Your apartment inside the 1010 Wilshire also includes gourmet kitchens that feature stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors, as well as soaking tubs. After a long hard day at work, you will love going back to your apartment and taking in the views of the nearby area or enjoying a warm bath.

Work This is the ideal place to work, especially when you have complimentary access to utilities, local phone and premium cable and many other work amenities. Don’t forget, you may be eligible for other tax benefits allowed by the state. Work offices are also fully furnished and there are conference rooms you can use. If you have a meeting, then you and your guests will have access to the conference room that has video and teleconferencing capabilities.

Other amenities for work purposes include delivery services and package handling. You don’t have to worry about missing mail or not being there to receive a package. You’ll even have access to the building 24/7, and the business centers features ATMs, copy and fax machines and much more.

Play Amenities Living and working in or around Long Beach CA is great, but when you stay at this property, you’ll have plenty of play amenities to use. After you have finished your work day and you need to unwind, feel free to train at the private gym, which has spa services. You can go and take a dip in the pool that is located at the rooftop or you can head to the theater room and take in a movie. Visit one of the outdoor patios if that’s more your cup of tea, or mingle with others at one of the regularly scheduled events that take place on the rooftop.

There is even a helipad located on the roof, so feel free to take helicopter rides from the building or you can land your own private chopper there. There is something for everyone to enjoy, which is why you should choose to live there and work there.

Visit and subscribe to the website so you can get a free tour of the location.

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As the prospect of finding a luxury and comfortable lifestyle becomes increasingly expensive and remote for many individuals and businesses, and while real estate analysts are concluding that rental properties near Little Armenia CA are hard to find, TENTEN Wilshire has the right living solutions. Theirs is a time-tested and proven service for growing businesses and for leading a peaceful life one can dream of.

TENTEN Wilshire reveals the various options that are available at its property near Little Armenia through its finely designed brochure. Here, one can find the unit they are looking for based on their needs and budget. Every unit of this property comes with fully equipped suites, kitchen appliances, office rooms with desk, storage area, private parking space and much more. These live amenities and work amenities are made up of a rock solid quality that can last as long as you do – without the need for repair or maintenance. The tenants at TenTenWilshire can get back every cent they paid to these units through value and comfort. They can enjoy more of life’s luxuries here without robbing their nest-egg or savings.

In these times every dollar counts. 1010 Wilshire will offer the right package that is suited for one’s budget. Besides, tenants don’t have to tend to menial things like cleaning and maintaining their units as the maintenance crew will look after such tasks. All they need to do is live in this serene setting and reap the rewards. As a pioneer in the real estate industry, 1010 Wilshire has invested in providing many living solutions like this for both individuals and businesses. People have ultimately become convinced that this is the right place to be after a long busy day of work. It became this company’s mission to provide satisfaction to its customers and make sure that they are getting value for their money. Stay at 1010 Wilshire property and discover how to have the peace of mind you seek and deserve.

For those who are contemplating moving near Little Armenia CA, it is possible that 1010Wilshire could be the safest and most powerful way to live a luxurious life that they can count on. So, decide for yourself and see how your best decisions can save the time and money spent on exploring other properties that offer mediocre quality service. All of the features mentioned above and much more are found at this company and thousands of people are already using them. You will meet some of them and hear their stories of how this place enhanced their lives.

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For those looking for comfortable living near Highland Park, CA, there is a choice that provides a great all-in-one option. This space allows one a luxurious space in which to live, work and play. The building, which is located centrally in downtown Los Angeles, is TENTEN Wilshire. It provides fully furnished rental housing options for both long-term and short-term needs.

The building provides a beautiful space in which to live and work. It boasts gorgeous views of the city from its fully equipped suites. Each of the apartment building’s rental units is outfitted to provide the perfect space in which residents, whether they be short-term or long-term, can accomplish their work tasks as well as being able to kick back and relax.

Amongst the numerous amenities offered by the building are a number that are especially tailored for work-related needs. These include business-related offerings such as high speed internet and business centers that are designed to help residents accomplish their work projects whether they be big or small.

Of course, the apartment building is not just focused on meeting work-related needs. There is plenty to enjoy when one is not busy with work. For everyday living, 1010 Wilshire offers an amazing level of luxury and comfort. Suites offer live amenities including comfortable furnishings, hardwood floors and premium cable to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of everyday life.

When not focused on work or simply enjoying the beauty of the comfortably appointed suites, residents can retreat to the building’s roof top pool. This provides not only a great place to swim but also a fantastic area to lounge and socialize.

The apartment building also boasts another useful and somewhat rare feature in the world of fully furnished suites: a helipad. This feature is the perfect option for helping a quick exit either for business purposes or for a bit of relaxing escape.

While there are various choices in fully furnished living, few can even come close to what is offered within this luxuriously outfitted apartment building. With comfortable amenities including rooftop pool, spacious lounge, hardwood floors and much more, this is an appealing space in which to live, work and play. The level of beauty, luxury and comfort offered makes TENTEN Wilshire unique, and uniquely appealing, within the arena of fully furnished short- and long-term housing options.

If you are looking for a stress-free, fully furnished, luxury accommodation option near Highland Park, the time to act is now. Visit the website to learn more; subscribe for a free tour. See what 1010 Wilshire has to offer for amazing all-in-one living.

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If you are looking for a nice apartment with all the amenities you desire, you are in the right place. Although there are decent apartments for rent in Griffith Park and surrounding areas, finding a classy apartment that meets your needs can be tough. That’s why it is a good idea to consult the experts for assistance.

TenTen Wilshire provides useful service to people looking for an affordable apartment. With a long list of top quality amenities and excellent customer service, renters who utilize our expert services often benefit in many ways. We have provided fabulous apartment rental services for a long time and we have numerous satisfied clients and tenants.

1010 Wilshire makes it easy for people to find apartments for rent in a great neighborhood. Our apartment rental service has catered to company executives, producers and professionals for many years and is regarded as the most reliable in this area. We have great expertise in the field and we can find you a luxuriously furnished apartment with Work Amenities and Live Amenities.

Our company is regarded as the most reputable go-to source for apartment rental solutions. Choose from executive suites, quality apartments, fully furnished corporate housing and luxury housing near Griffith Park CA. From elegantly-designed floor plan to fully furnished, executive housing, we provide vacationers, tourists and professionals with the ultimate in apartment living.

Our apartments are really spacious and come with desirable features, including furniture, washer and dryer and supplies such as pots, utensils, silverware, and much more. Apartments also feature large balconies with spectacular views, walk-in closets, and air conditioning. Modern kitchen, granite countertops and stainless steel are also some of the great amenities that come with our apartments for rent. The community has roof top pool, sauna, sundeck, garage parking, fitness center and business center.

Our Fully Equipped Suites come with classy amenities and essential services to help you enjoy your vacation or stay in this glamorous city. 1010 Wilshire location is close to grocery, dining, shopping and entertainment venues and just minutes from major roads and public transportation links.

Entertain your friends and guests on the rooftop deck while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the city. Fabulous amenities and creative community areas help you experience an urban lifestyle. To view our location and our first-class amenities, go to our website and submit your request. One of our friendly staff members will get back to you promptly. Once you contact us, you’ll see how much easier it is to find a great apartment.

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Looking for a furnished apartment or executive housing near Glassell Park CA? Finding an apartment for rent in this area is not difficult, but finding a classy apartment or executive suite is hard if you do not utilize expert assistance. There are many apartment rental agents and companies out there offering to help clients find a great apartment in their desired location but not all apartment rental companies are created equal. It is extremely important to consult a company that has a track record of delivering on their promise.

1010 Wilshire is the most reliable provider of executive suites and luxury apartments in this area. We are well known for offering the most elegant condos, lofts, executive suites and apartments for rent near Glassell Park. We have the resources to provide you with your desired apartment with quality amenities and features.

Many people rely on our expert services to find the right apartment for their lifestyle and budget. We fulfill our promise to our renters and tenants, and now we want to match you with the perfect apartment for you. Choose from Fully Equipped Suites, featuring top quality amenities and community features.

We have knowledgeable, experienced consultants who match people with suitable fully-furnished housing units. We promise to make your apartment search experience as hassle free and pleasant as possible. Just provide us with your requirements and we will help you find a suitable housing.

Short term and long term Leases are available. We also provide in-unit laundry facilities, jacuzzi tubs, stainless steel appliances, fully equipped kitchens and complimentary local telephone service.

Live Amenities and Work Amenities also include Grand lobby reception entrance, lounge areas, private gym, jaccuzzi, health spa services, yoga instructor, rooftop pool, and helipad.

There are many exciting entertainment and recreation facilities in the area. And these apartments are only a walking distance to theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, financial institutions and other businesses.

1010 Wilshire apartments’ convenient location make it the perfect place to live, work, and play. We have an extensive list of successful businesspeople, corporate personnel and other professionals who rent from us. Many of our tenants keep coming back whenever they need a place to stay in this area. We have established a great reputation due to our top notch services and world class amenities.

Let TenTen Wilshire help you get a beautiful apartment in this area. Simply get in touch with our staff and we will schedule an appointment for you to get a free personal tour of our amazing facilities and apartments.

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Are you looking for a furnished or serviced apartment near Garden Grove? We can help. Instead of wasting valuable time contacting multiple rental agents trying to find the right apartment for you to rent you can simply let the experts assist you.

Fully Equipped Suites typically come well furnished and include high quality amenities such as a reception and housekeeping. Save time and effort and let us match you with the perfect housing unit for you.

At 1010 Wilshire we have a superb range of options on serviced apartments and executive housing for you to browse. Our apartments come with the best quality amenities and services. Our spacious, elegantly-furnished and serviced apartments provide quality furniture, extra living space, modern kitchens equipped with top quality housewares, cable television, local phone service, high speed Internet, and special amenities such as fitness center, roof top pool, jaccuzzi, sauna, yoga instructor and business center.

At 1010 Wilshire, making our guests and clients feel welcome is top priority. That’s why we are committed to providing all the amenities for comfortable living. We provide Live Amenities and Work Amenities, making our community the perfect location for your all-in-one spot to work, live and play. All of these features are designed to make your stay far more comfortable than any other apartment in this area.

Whether you’re planning a short visit to this area or a long stay then a serviced apartment or fully furnished housing will be perfect for you. We have the housing solutions to meet virtually any budgetary or location needs.

In addition, our customer service is excellent and you can always get the help you need anytime. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction. We have many clients and renters who keep on recommending our services to their friends and colleagues, so when you contact us for any of our services you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most reputable company in the industry.

TenTen Wilshire is your clear choice when it comes to getting the perfect apartment for comfortable living. We many beautiful apartments and executive suites near Garden Grove CA. We offer a full spectrum of apartment and housing solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses, professionals, and individuals. All of our apartments and residential properties are situated in close proximity to points of interest. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and personal viewing of our fabulous facilities.

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If you are looking for a comfortable place to live near Edendale, contact TenTen Wilshire right away. We provide condos, apartments and other housing units with a vast range of desirable features. Apartment for rent in this area can be hard to find if you choose to go about it on your own. With our service and expertise you can easily get the perfect accommodation in this area without hassles.

We have been in this business for a long time and we are fully aware of what you need to live in comfort. We take the time to discuss your situation and what exactly you want and we guide you properly in choosing the most suitable apartment for your lifestyle and budget. You will be absolutely delighted when you experience the kind of help we provide to people who are in need of a great place to stay.

Apartment renters choose 1010 Wilshire because of our comfort and value. We have a proven track record of providing the best quality apartments in this area. Our apartment rental service meets the needs of people from all walks of life. We provide services to lawyers, businesspeople, tourists and vacationers, members of the entertainment industry, corporate executives, students, professionals and others looking for a high quality apartment in a nice neighborhood.

If you need temporary housing for short term stay or extended stay, we can accommodate you anywhere near Edendale CA, with all the comfort, flexibility, savings, and service our rental company is known for. We offer fully serviced apartments with all the essential amenities you need to live comfortably, all at a surprisingly affordable rate.

We have a wide range of Live Amenities and Work Amenities to make your stay convenient and comfortable for you. Whether the need for apartment involves relocation, an extended stay for personal or business reasons, a leisurely trip or ongoing business travel, we have the housing solutions to meet virtually any location or budgetary needs.

Fully Equipped Suites include a well-equipped fitness center, playgrounds, 24-hr security surveillance, rooftop pool, sauna, jacuzzi, business center, and large lounge area. Our location is close to major roads, restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.

You can find a great apartment near Edendale, and it can be everything that you’re looking for. Contact 1010 Wilshire today – we’re here to help. Visit our website to subscribe for a free tour of our location and to discuss how we can help. You will be glad you did.

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Eagle Rock, California, is a terrific place to live, work and play. This beautiful hill city located between Highland Park and Pasadena, California, is seen in many movies and television show including Beverly Hills 90210, Top Gun and The Hunt for Red October. Marion Brando, Lindsay Wagner and John Steinbeck have all called this diverse city home. Occidental College also adds to the diversity of the city. TENTEN Wilshire invites you to learn why they think their property near Eagle Rock CA is the perfect place for your employees to live, work and play. You will be amazed at worker’s productivity and creativity when you offer these benefits to your team.

Fully Equipped Suites The stylish and fully fully suites offer a host of amenities designed to keep you or your employees comfortable. The outstanding service that you will receive at this facility begins the moment you arrive as the 24 hour valet service expertly takes control of your vehicle allowing you to quickly arrive at your spacious suite. Once inside, enjoy preparing a scrumptious meal in the large kitchen featuring easy to clean stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. At 1010 Wilshire enjoy soaking in the oversized tubs featuring panoramic views of the city. Getting ready to work or go out on the town is never a problem because each unit comes with its own laundry machines. Simplify bookkeeping for your staff because all utilities are included in the flexible lease. Work Amenities Enjoy a 67 percent state tax deduction by living where you work. If you are looking to build your business, take advantage of free networking events. Connecting with others is easy when you use our 100 Mbps secured Internet and our large conference room with teleconferencing capability.

Setting Us Apart

While the work and live amenities are outstanding what you and your associates will truly love are the many opportunities to play that our residents find right in our buildings. Soak up the sun at the rooftop swimming pool or relax at the outdoor jacuzzi lounge. Entertain special clients in the outdoor BBQ area. Cozy up in the fall near the fire pits. Attend one of our complimentary cocktail hours and meet someone. If you are interested in learning more details including setting up a free tour, then go to our website.

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You may choose fully equipped suites that will help you work and live in the same, and you will find many of these suites by way of 1010 Wilshire. The suites you choose from near the Civic Center CA area will help you create a lifestyle that is completely different from the traditional work lifestyle. There are many things you are looking for when you start your search, and this article explains how these suites will change your life.

#1: How Will You Find The Right Amenities?

The work amenities and live amenities that will serve you beautifully. You may take advantage of these amenities as often as you like, and you must ensure that you have a suite that does everything you need. You must ask about laundry, room service and community services that will help you enjoy your time inside the suite.

#2: How Do You Work And Live In The Same Place?

The TenTen Wilshire team will show you as many suites as you can stand, and you will see places that look perfect for your lifestyle. You may work in one part of the suite, and you may live in the rest of the suite. There are many people who prefer to stay in the same place all day, and you must ask for a suite that has a dedicated office. You may bring people into your office at any time, and the office is separated from the rest of the suite.

#3: How Much Should You Pay?

You must pay a fair price for the suite you have chosen, and here are many suites that will help you save money. You may not realize the sheer variety of suites that are available, but you will find many different suites that are absolutely perfect for your personal work/life balance. Ask the agent to show you places that fit into your

The options at your disposal will help you find a place to live and work at once. You may make your way to your office in the morning, and you may retreat to the living area in the evening. A full suite will give you all the amenities, space, and work area you need for your lifestyle.

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If you are looking for a nice apartment for rent in the Chula Vista area, contact TenTen Wilshire right away. No matter how short or long your stay, we can help you. We offer flexible, affordable apartment rental plans.

Getting an apartment near Chula Vista can be a great starting point for individuals who have just relocated to the area, or it can even be a perfect setting for those who are looking for a nice place to stay. Apartments are available in various sizes, with amazing Live Amenities and Work Amenities. This area has some of the most beautiful apartments you will find.

1010 Wilshire is a leading provider of sophisticated apartments, lofts and other housing units. We are industry experts in all matters related to finding high quality apartment and luxury living facilities. We cater to the apartment rental needs of people from all walks of life. Our tenants include corporate executives, businesspeople, producers, directors, students, lawyers, professionals and all those who want a prestigious housing or apartment for their stay.

Immerse yourself in elegant interior design and sophisticated architecture. Our Fully Equipped Suites offer lavishly furnished apartment units, large closets and storage spaces, stainless steel appliances, modern kitchen and panoramic views. We provide all the amenities and services you need to live comfortably.

Our all-in-one spot to work, live and play offers the perfect stay near Chula Vista CA. You will have access to a range of classy amenities, including full business center with conference rooms and meeting spaces, equipped for video and tele-conferencing.

Amenities in our apartments also can include a large balcony, a fitness center, valet parking, a roof top pool, helipad and more. It’s up to you to choose the apartment you’re looking for, based on the amenities you really want.

1010 Wilshire offers short term rental as well as extended stay apartment leases. Our location is perfect for those who enjoy the luxury and convenience of having their work and living set up under the same roof.

These apartments are a walking distance to restaurants, shops, theaters, and many exciting recreation and entertainment venues. Major roads and public transport links are only minutes away.

To learn more about the many benefits of getting an elegant apartment at our location, contact us today. Simply go to our website and complete the online form. We will get back to you promptly.

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Just one of the must-have amenities in today’s ultra-competitive world is having access to not only a creative environment but to also live and work in that environment. Think about that, if you could comfortably do that you would always be ahead of your competition. At TENTEN Wilshire, that’s exactly what you can do because it’s not just another place to live or work it’s the ultimate place to live and work. It’s your complete lifestyle solution.

Located near Century City CA, it’s also the only solution that will fully complement your active life by providing you with the latest in full-service luxuries including the use of completely functional conference rooms and business centers which will provide you with a work environment normally only found in the largest of American corporations. All this, of course, comes standard along with our fully equipped suites that are designed to serve your every comfort and desire. We understand that you want to be as productive and as successful as possible. What other tailor made accoutrements are available?

There are, of course, live amenities provided which include fully furnished and equipped live and work suites equipped with high-speed internet and premium cable service. All suites are stocked with completely equipped gourmet kitchens stocked with fashionable stainless appliances and CeasarStone Countertops. But it doesn’t stop there because it carries over to the included work amenities. These include deductible state and federal tax benefits, secure broadband internet service, complimentary gas, electric, water, and internet.

Of course, your suite is pet-friendly and appointed with the very best in fixtures and hardwood flooring. We haven’t forgotten your need to relax after a hard day which is why you also have a soaking tub with a breathtaking panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles. For your convenience, you will also have a 24-hour valet service at your disposal along with a 24-hour courtesy patrol for you and your guests personal safety

One of the most unique things about 1010 Wilshire is its award-winning rooftop. Your rooftop escape has a unique, panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood; on a clear day, you can even see the ocean. Your rooftop is also equipped with a bar area, lounge, fire pits, sun decks and a pool and jacuzzi. The rooftop has been a very popular venue for all different kinds of tenant get-togethers and local events including Golf Classics, Gamespot E3 events, and Support the Cure Charity fundraisers. It can also be booked for any business or personal event you decide to sponsor. Just contact the rooftop at

We could go on and on about how our fabulous suites and accompanying business centers and conferencing is the best there is but as they say, the proof is in the pudding. So why don’t you take some time out and schedule a tour to see for yourself. Stop on by and let us answer any questions you might have about your TenTen Wilshire suite. Don’t wait, call today at (877) 751-0825 or (213) 634-4636.

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Are you searching for Fully Equipped Suites near Burbank? Looking for a perfect location for your all-in-one spot to work, live and play? Save time and money by getting help from 1010 Wilshire.

We cater to the apartment rental needs of corporate executives, businesspeople, entertainers, artists, directors, producers, lawyers, students and others looking for a great place to stay. We have a wide range of affordable, luxury housing and apartments designed specifically for individuals who desire a high class housing in a nice neighborhood.

1010 Wilshire provides busy professionals, vacationers and tourists with a prestigious apartment featuring Work Amenities and Live Amenities. Our apartment for rent features a modern urban lifestyle in the area’s most exciting location. With corporate housing and extended stay apartments available near Burbank CA, whether you are traveling for work, or relocating permanently, you can relax and let our staff help you find exactly what you need for comfort.

For the perfect luxury apartment near Burbank, contact TenTen Wilshire. Enjoy the convenience and fun of an all-in-one spot to work, live and play. We provide classy amenities like roof top pool, luxury suites, helipad, high tech business centers and much more.

Apartment amenities also include cable ready, private balconies and patios, extensive storage space and extra-large closets, and modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances.

Your dream apartment is available, and once you contact us you can start searching. Choose from the best housing and apartment amenities, all at a surprisingly affordable rate. No longer do you have to waste valuable time searching multiple lists or contacting many apartment rental companies. We make it easy to compare and choose the most suitable housing for your needs.

Relax on your private balcony and enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful city. There is plenty of accommodation in Burbank and nearby areas, which can provide you with convenient access to the area’s finest attractions, including restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues.

We have been in the apartment rental business for many years, and we have many renters who are completely satisfied with our first-class services. We pride ourselves on being the most reputable apartment rental provider in this area with affordable pricing.

Check out these sophisticated apartments for yourself and choose your desired luxury housing unit. Schedule an appointment with one of our staff members and we will be glad to give you a free tour of our fabulous facilities and amenities. Simply visit our website and submit a request form, and we will get back to you right away.

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Fully equipped suites for rent near Brentwood CA offers a comprehensive solution to your home and office needs. These are the units provided through TENTEN Wilshire company that is one of the pioneers in the real estate rental industry. These fully furnished and mini-suites come with various options based on individual needs and budget. For example, in a unit one can find features like TV, couch, furnished bedrooms, kitchen appliances, internet, storage solutions, and much more. For people living at this property, there are conference and meeting rooms to be used for business meetings and events. The units are very conveniently placed and in prestigious locations with close proximity to public transportation, parks, restaurants, government offices and schools.

Would you like to substantially increase your business potential and enjoy throughout your lifetime without gambling your savings? 1010 Wilshire is the right place to be. Whether you are looking for a short term or long term home or office space, there are many options to choose from that are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. With 1010 Wilshire, you will find that the on-site administrative or secretarial support staff members provide the best service you can rely on for your accommodation needs. Tenants can avail extra services such as private transportation, concierge service and private laundry service as well. There are also facilities for mail collection and distribution to every unit at this property.

Common areas consist of live amenities and work amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen and dining space with gourmet drinks, high-speed internet, and telephone while business centers come with VoIP capability. This property is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of businesses that are looking for flexibility and reliability in one place. Theirs is a requirement to fulfill business goals without hassles and 1010 Wilshire is willing to provide just that. In essence, properties provided by TenTen Wilshire come with all the essential tools for a business to operate effectively and be successful in their endeavors. It provides a complete solution so the businesses can focus their attention on managing and growing rather than minor things like cleaning and maintenance of the units. Individuals and businesses have embraced this lifestyle for the comfort and convenience it provides. It has convinced them that TenTenWilshire is all about good things this town has to offer. This approach is affordable as well and perfectly suitable for anyone doing business in Brentwood CA. The open spaces on the high rise buildings as well as business centers inside the campus let this happen.

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Thinking of a full stakeout in the lap of convenient luxury?

The 1010 Wilshire building is the destination you need for a world class experience then. There’s no doubt about it. We’ll get right to it and tell you of an amazing experience awaiting. The complex affords renters all the necessary amenities to “Live, Work, Play” within a booming hub of commerce, family and social life.

This phrase–Live, Work, Play–is a special string of words we take pride in sharing with you. We will share it along with the comfort of home, office and recreational living. The mixture is specifically what makes us so special in meeting the fully furnished needs of businesses, residents and traveling socialites abroad.

There’s tremendous advantages to fully equipped suites.

Your broadest lifestyle interests can be accommodated at our complex with modern technology, a helpful staff and at the continually sought after location of Bel Air CA.

We would ask you if anything has been left out so far, but we’re sure it hasn’t. There’s no package as extensive and why we know it’s right for you. You won’t need to look for “something else” once you arrive.

When you do arrive, you, your business, colleagues, friends or family will be at home. We’re sure you won’t find the access TenTen Wilshire has to combined amenities for a full a rounded lifestyle anywhere else.

We accommodate the professional. We happily accommodate the retiree and make sure their freedom is properly enhanced. We have the luxuries for Fortune 500 companies and seek to improve all of our areas of service as often as humanly possible.

This is the professional option for a fully furnished and serviced lifestyle you can also be proud of. We don’t mind sharing the bragging rights with you along with our motto to, “Live, Work, Play.”

The work amenities you find will undoubtedly consist of: fully furnished offices, even executive suites, tax incentives and deductions; broadband Internet throughout facility, conference rooms, audio and visual presentation technology; phone services, cable, work station and computers; 24/7 active security, mail services and a supportive staff.

You will be so occupied by these amenities that our live amenities may be overlooked, but have no doubt, they are just as extensive and just as meaningful of service to your overall lifestyle. Take a chance and visit for yourself. Our doors are always open to new faces, and we’ll be glad to see yours.

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If you are looking for different features in a fully equipped suite near Altadena CA, TENTEN Wislhire is the place for you. If you are prepared to take back control of your financial life as well, TENTEN Wilshire offer a wide range of options for your budget. This is a ground-breaking way that can put you on the fast track to a comfortable life in a luxury setting.

Renting a unit at TENTEN Wilshire will let people in business get the features they had been dreaming. Unlike most other properties, this company is dedicated to enriching it clients’ lifestyle through providing live amenities and work amenities under one roof. Like everything else, they provide a wide range of facilities near this town. Every unit at 1010 Wilshire comes with fully furnished rooms with live amenities and work amenities such as TV, couch, cubicles, equipment, office rooms with desks, storage area, kitchen utensils, dining area, ample parking space, lockers and much more. There are features that are used by tenants collectively, such as common areas, clubhouse, pools, saunas, gyms and much else.

If you are into business or affiliated to technology and non-technology companies, you never have to lose a wink of sleep over anything at this property. TENTEN Wilshire has a team that will take care of everything, from cleaning, repair to transportation and other services. All work and repair done at this property are handled professionally at no cost to you. This way you will never have the sickening feeling of expecting surprise bills or feeling that you have no control over how much rent to pay. TenTenWilshire has solutions for every situation even when the real estate market is at its highest level. With a comprehensive brochure, you can know what you are getting into. You can count on the management staff members to guide you in the right direction in finding the appropriate space for conducting your business meetings and events as well. There is the difference between hoping and knowing how much money you could be saving by renting here. The difference could give you the peace of mind that is missing in other properties.

1010 Wilshire will let you shut out all the noises about how expensive renting a property can get near this town. It is hard for many people who are on a tight budget to imagine what it is like to live a luxury life at an affordable price. But with this company, you can let your dreams come true. The peace and calm you will feel when you know of the comfort obtained here are indescribable.

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TenTen Wilshire provides luxurious apartment which offers greater flexibility, a more comfortable living environment and real cost savings for business users and private individuals alike. We offer a superb choice of housing units and apartments near Alhambra CA, perfect for those requiring short-term or long-term corporate housing, temporary accommodation for tourists, alternative business accommodation, or simply a temporary apartment while relocating to the area.

Guests staying with 1010 Wilshire are guaranteed the highest quality service, along with top notch amenities. All our furnished apartments are located centrally, so you will benefit from excellent access to local amenities, transport networks, and key business areas. In addition to providing secure access, we also provide ample and secure parking.

You shouldn’t have to deal with buying furniture or going through the inconveniences that are normally involved in moving into an apartment. Our luxury apartments and executive suites are elegantly designed and luxuriously furnished with sophisticated amenities. The stylish amenities and comfortable housing we provide will absolutely make your stay exciting and pleasurable.

We provide everything our guests and tenants need to stay comfortably. Our rental consultant and management staff will attend to all your requests and address any concerns you may have. We’re passionate about serviced accommodation or apartment and aim to provide excellent and affordable service. When you visit our location and check out the wide variety of classy amenities and top notch services we provide, you will know why renting an apartment from 1010 Wilshire is a smart choice.

Our Fully Equipped Suites are cost-effective, offering excellent value for leisure guests and corporate clients. They come with spacious living areas, featuring high speed wireless broadband and entertainment systems as well as fully equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Take advantage of our one inclusive price, with no hidden charges.

The apartment rental process is an overwhelming task that requires tremendous effort, contacting multiple rental agents, and usually driving all over town. We have simplified the process of getting apartments by providing people with their desired accommodation without exhausting efforts or agents. We have numerous satisfied tenants and we can help, too.

Ready to rent your desired apartment? Looking for competitive rates? It’s easy to secure your luxury apartment with Live Amenities and Work Amenities. Just visit our website and have a look at our fantastic range of amenities and features and contact us today. We will get back to you to discuss your requirements and match you with the perfect apartment.

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TENTEN Wilshire accommodates clients interested in living and working in the same space. This world famous residence presents fully equipped suites for rent in Los Angeles CA. Business entities have the advantage of consolidating entertaining and job responsibilities, in the same location. This business-oriented property offers clients the opportunity to live in the center of a busy metropolis, while conducting work and play activities. Residents have access to valet parking and live amenities. Therefore, it is convenient, when arriving or leaving the premises.

The roof top pool and bar at 1010 Wilshire is a wonderful gathering place, for leisure or entertaining clients. Los Angeles CA holds a wide grouping of entertainment and fashion design industries. This is the place for corporate housing. Conference rooms are available for meetings throughout the day, and entertainment facilities are close on hand. Stay home and enjoy an exercise room and social activities. These fully equipped suites have the best play and work environment in the city.

Suites have a nice selection of floor plans for customer and everything is furnished; right down to the bedding. This is a real advantage if a client is moving from another city or just starting out in the business world. TenTen Wilshire has a friendly staff ready to make the experience of living on the property a happy one. The location offers a spectacular view at night and is a great business asset for growing entertainment entities. Work amenities include mail and receptionist services.

Fully equipped suites at 1010 Wilshire have housecleaning services and allow residents to dine while overlooking the city in the privacy their residences. Simply living on the property gives the aura of success. Live amenities are a short walk to restaurants, pool parties, ping-pong tournaments, pool tables on the roof and great views of the city.

The residence is pet friendly and provides a classic theater room. Los Angeles CA is a busy place with a list of business entities only minutes outside the complex. Those renting these suites might find a new world of contacts while attending a gala or while sitting at the pool. Networking is an important part of business and 1010 Wilshire is a center of business and recreational interest.

Live amenities are red carpet extravaganzas, sauna, hot tub, and friendly yoga classes for customer comfort and convenience. Work amenities provide any company with everything it needs to flourish, sound equipment, banquet arrangements, communication conferencing, podiums, and other items necessary for complete entertainment and conferencing venues. Call or visit the web site for a complete tour of your next residence.

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It goes without saying that the best place to pursue a career in entertainment whether you are a screenwriter, actor or an entrepreneur is Hollywood CA. The proximity to employment opportunities in television, film and entertainment is almost unparalleled.

As anyone who has ever moved knows, moving to a new city is a big transition that can involve adjusting to a new landscape, new employer and most of all, a new living situation. Individuals who are looking to work and play in Hollywood CA from the comfort of a large metropolitan city can look no further than 1010 Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA. 1010 Wilshire is a picturesque property containing more than 220 fully equipped suites. Our suites can be an excellent solution for transplants and even longtime residents of California to call home while meeting new people in the entertainment industry. With the property’s central location residents can hop on the metro or into a car and make it to Hollywood in less than an hour.

One of the many perks our property offers new residents is the freedom from having to worry about looking for and transporting furniture to their new home. The live amenities in our fully equipped suites include queen and king-sized beds, washer and dryer units on site, a couch, an HDTV television set, a DVD player and comforter set. The rooms in our suites also include furniture like body-length mirrors, coffee tables, a table for the dining room, dining room chairs, a desk for studying and floor lamps. We also offer premium janitorial services, on-site dry cleaning and room service. Our suites include kitchens that are set up to make sure that residents’ living experiences are as comfortable as possible. Our kitchens include a wide array of appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves. We ensure that tenants do not have to worry about cooking whatever their heart desires by equipping each kitchen with baking dishes, plates, cups and cooking utensils.

Our property also has many work amenities that make working from home easier for busy professionals. Each of our luxury suites is equipped with free wireless internet and free local telephone service. TENTEN Wilshire prides itself on maintaining a fully equipped business center for the convenience of our residents. The business center is complete with a fax machine, an ATM, and computer terminals where professionals can prepare presentations for business meetings or work on documents that are critical to their jobs. Our business center is also equipped with a scanner for residents that need to scan important documents. The building includes conference rooms and board rooms where residents can plan and hold business meetings.