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Sunset Gower Studios has a rich history in the film industry that goes back decades. Many businesses love the location due to its popularity yet are concerned about the rent. If you are a business owner or group of freelancers trying to find new office space rentals in the downtown Los Angeles area, TenTen Wilshire is inviting you to look at their office building located on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and South Beaudry Avenue.

Make Work Fun Again

TenTen Wilshire is in the business of making the most sophisticated, luxurious office buildings available at an affordable price. Our collaborative office space is designed to be spacious, comfortable and inviting for both employees and clients. The fully equipped office suite comes with computer equipped work stations, a copy machine, a printer, mailing services, multiple phone line capabilities and more. In addition to that, the conference rooms come standard with state-of-the-art technology that allow crisp video and teleconference calls.

But wait, there is more!

After a long day at work, we provide an escape for our tenants by providing activities and events to enjoy without ever leaving the building. Mingle with other entrepreneurs by the rooftop pool, compete with coworkers in the game rooms, enjoy a relaxing movie in the theater or have a seat by the fire pits and enjoy cocktails. If by chance you do want to leave the building, there is no shortage of restaurants, recreational venues and theaters nearby.

Looking to break the routine?

Every year at 1010 Wilshire we have special events held inside the building. Some our most popular events include the Ethno Candy Poolside Collection, the 1010 Casino and Costume Ball and the International Mixer. If you want to take a closer look at what these events are all about, don’t just look up videos online. Become a member of the TenTen Wilshire family and be a part of the fun!

Take a Complimentary Tour!

At TenTen Wilshire, we epitomize what the 21st century office space rental market should be all about. A combination of live, work and play make our building stand out from the rest of the competition. Whether it is our supremely comfortable living spaces, beautifully laid out office suites or fun filled event centers, we make going to work fun again!

If you stay in Sunset Gower Studios, Silver Lake, Hollywood or any other district in Los Angeles, give us a call at 877-959-3621 or follow the link to send us an email. We would be glad to set up a complimentary tour so you can see up front everything our office building has to offer!

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You need to find an office space rental and you need to find it now. The chance of a lifetime has just presented itself and you want to make sure that you can impress the client. YOu look around at your office space and you feel depressed. This look is not going to get you to the next level in your success.

Collaborative office space is the solution to your problem. You can secure a trendy office location with all of the amenities that will make your company look great. TenTen Wilshire offers modern office spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, fully equipped, and ready to use from the minute you walk in the door.

1010 Wilshire is located in the center of the business district. It is a prime location on an iconic road that places your business exactly where you need to be for success. It is a prime location for freelancers, temp office locations and start-ups. Any business looking to secure a prime location will love what 1010 has to offer.

TenTen Wilshire offers entrepreneurs all of the tools they need to operate an up-scale office. A helipad is not the only thing that you will find on the rooftop. There are a gathering area and spa area where you can entertain your clients or socialize with other business owners. We have a conference area, screening rooms, and a patio area that can be used for business.

When you are looking for the right office space, TenTen Wilshire will be your first choice. Conveniently located near Spaulding Square, We offer month-to-month leasing options and same-day move-in options. If you need space for a longer-term, we have short and long term lease options. We are here to accommodate your business. We understand that flexibility is essential in today’s business world.

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In the past, office spaces were lackluster, cluttered and not very pleasant to be in. If an employee is going to spend at least 40 hours of their week in one location, shouldn’t it be a bit more welcoming?

Our opinion is yes!

Located at 1010 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles is TenTen Wilshire, on office building dedicated to making work a fun place to be in again. Unlike most office rental buildings, we did our due diligence to find out what makes an office space welcoming and inviting. After collecting data for years by talking to executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, we have come up with a unique formula that makes us special.

A 3-in-1 Combination

TenTen Wilshire is a building were tenants can live, work and play without ever having to walk out the front door. We have established community of entrepreneurs and start-ups that share office spaces which are available on a month to month basis. Our collaborative office space rentals are for growing businesses, professional service firms, companies that need temporary space or anyone who needs a quiet place to stay in.

The best thing about our office spaces is that they come readily equipped with essentials. These essentials include copy machines, printers, multiple phone line capabilities, mailing services, complimentary utilities and more! The spacious interior, sophisticated furniture and scenic view from above give us an advantage over other office space rentals.

But that is not all.

After a long day at the office, we offer ways to let out some steam without ever having to leave the building. Inside we have a large event center, several recreational rooms, a movie theater and a rooftop pool area where tenants can enjoy cocktails while playing a game of billiards with coworkers.

In addition to that, every year at TenTen Wilshire we hold several special events for our hard-working tenants. Two of the most popular events we hold are the the 1010 Casino and Costume Ball and the Ethno Candy Poolside Collection. If you are interested in seeing what these fun filled events are all about, become a member of our building and see it for yourself!

Schedule a Tour of the Facility

At TenTen Wilshire, we know how important first impressions can be. Whether you are a group of entrepreneurs making a name for yourselves or a seasoned CEO looking to relocate, come on by and see our facility for yourself! If you want to move out from Silver Lake, Hollywood, or any other district in downtown Los Angeles but do not want to lose your clients, gives us a call today at 877-959-3621. You can also schedule a complimentary tour by contacting us through

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It’s no big secret that a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing office space can have massive benefits to a company’s culture. When an employee is happy to come to work and comfortable in their environment, it directly impacts productivity and staff morale. Vibrant surroundings cultivate creativity, stimulate the senses and make work a fun place to be at.

Does your office space create this kind of buzz?

If not, finding a new office space rental may be something you are considering for your company. You will likely consider the layout of the building as a major factor, but what about amenities? If you want an office space that brings a whole new level of energy to your workplace, TenTen Wilshire may just have the perfect building for you and your staff.

Fully Equipped Suites

If you have a business located near the coastal city of Santa Monica and are ready for a change of scenery, consider visiting 1010 Wilshire at the corner of S. Beaudry Ave. and Wilshire Blvd. There, you will find a building that takes comfort and luxury to the next level!

TenTen Wilshire has left no stone unturned in making the perfect location for businesses trying to find an ideal collaborative office space for their company. All-inclusive amenities include free basic utilities, free valet parking, free premium cable, free high-speed internet, and free local phone calls.

The suites come with stylish, fully furnished rooms on top of rich hardwood floors. This modern, yet humble appeal has given our building a zen feel that makes it comfortable to work in. After a long day at the office, employees can move through the building to enjoy the event center, recreational rooms, game rooms, and movie theater without stepping outside!

Know what else is neat?

There is a rooftop bar open throughout the week! Aside from making new social bonds with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and office employees in the building, your employees can also make plans to build chemistry among the group! Enjoy the spectacular Los Angeles view from above with cocktails and good vibes.

Come in for a Complimentary Tour Today!

Whether it is entrepreneurs starting a new business or CEOs looking for greener pastures, TenTen Wilshire can provide a luxurious experience that will make coming to work fun, exciting and relaxing! If you are interested in seeing the building up close to see what it is all about, come by for a complimentary tour! Give us a call at 877-959-3621 or email today to see when we can accommodate you at your earliest convenience.

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Is it possible to get office space without having to make long-term arrangements with a landlord or working out hookups with the utility companies? The answer is yes because when you rent at a collaborative office space property, no long-term commitment is required. You get to rent designated office space with high quality IT infrastructure including business internet and office equipment, and you get a chance to mingle with other freelancers or teleworkers. Many of today’s startups find their beginnings with coworking spaces because they can cut out some of the overhead while starting in a place that could help them grow quickly.

We offer this innovative space at our office and housing property known as 1010 Wilshire. Our properties are perfectly situated to make commutes to DTLA less of a hassle, and you can find our offices located near San Jose, CA accommodating that region. Within our premises, there are business centers where you can have packages shipped or received, conference and board rooms for meetings, a gym where you can workout after hours, and even more play amenities. You can even make your new home close to your office space rental if you lease one of our apartments. These are luxurious apartments that include loft-style designs and great views from up above the city.

One of the great things entrepreneurs who lease offices and apartments from us love is our staff. We go out of our way to greet you, see to your comfort and the right personnel are always just a call away. They also will take you on a tour of TENTEN Wilshire when you’re selecting an office space or apartment to lease. You can see office availabilities and get started moving in immediately on this tour, but you need to act quickly to take advantage of current availabilities and special deals. So give us a call today at 1-877-423-3058, or contact us at

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Are you trying to shake up the team chemistry of your employees? Are you tired of walking into a building that is dull and devoid of life? If so, you may not have to wait any longer to make changes. At 1010 Wilshire you can find office space rentals available in the TenTen Wilshire building. Located on the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and South Beaudry Avenue, we make going to work exciting again!

How do we accomplish this?

Our highly experienced team of designers and architects got together to make one of the most unique, highly creative office buildings found anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We even took the advice of local entrepreneurs, freelancers and CEOs to find out exactly what they look for in a work environment. Once we had the blueprint in place, we went to work.

The result of our toils is a collaborative office space that is designed to promote interaction, relieve stress and simplify the average day at the office as much as possible. Some of our numerous amenities include fully furnished suites, secured wireless internet throughout the property, mailing services, on-site courtesy patrol, multiple phone line capabilities and much more!

First Comes Work, Then Comes Play

Most employees after a long day at work love to spend time away from the office to unwind and relax. What if this could be done without ever leaving the property? At TenTen Wilshire, we bring the fun to you! We have a spacious event center, a movie theater inside the building and multiple recreational rooms that make your downtime a short distance away from the office!

One of our favorite amenities is a rooftop pool with an open bar. Experience the beautiful Los Angeles landscape from above with cocktails and great company! Co-mingle with other entrepreneurs and office staff in the building to broaden your business circle, make new connections and be inspired by how others coordinate their businesses.

Some of the many events that happen throughout the year include the 1010 Casino and Costume Ball, the Ethno Candy Poolside Collection and the International Mixer event. Although we specialize in leasing office space rentals, we also know what it takes to have a good time after a long day at work.

Schedule a Complimentary Tour Today at TenTen Wilshire

Do you want to relocate your offices away from Palmer Park but stay in the Los Angeles area? Come by TenTen Wilshire and experience a complimentary tour. Simply give us a call at 877-959-3621 or notify us through email at so we can schedule a time and day that is most convenient for you.

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Did you know that 1010 is more than just high rise apartment buildings? As a place that values the business community of the greater Los Angeles area as well as travelers, we’ve also included collaborative office space in our floor plans. This is an office solution that enables both open study area office settings as well as private rooms for tenants who need more privacy. Collaborative space brings workers from many different companies together as well as freelancers who might otherwise be out of the market. With this setup, you can move your business into our facility and get to work right away.

1010 Wilshire offers something for nearly everyone including film space for Hollywood producers, satellite offices for advertising firms, a central location for real estate brokers, and a great network for entrepreneurs. With comfortable furniture, a business center with office equipment and logistics services, high-speed business internet and so much more, we’ve taken the initiative to make your stay here an unforgettable experience. If you do wish to rent housing from us, you’ll have your choice of standard, deluxe or executive apartment suites to rent. With an entertainment setup in flat-screen TVs, stainless steel appliances, and master bedrooms with quality king-sized beds, these are places you can call your own while you stay with us.

Whether it’s office space rentals or apartments you’re looking for, our staff here at TENTEN Wilshire can personally show you availabilities that you’re interested in. It’s all part of the TENTEN free tour where we can also go over lease terms that fit your plans. If you’re looking for office space or apartments near Mount Olympus, CA, contact our 1010 main office by calling 1-877-423-3058 or via our website at

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Have you ever considered how your filmmaking endeavors or growing business could benefit from dynamic office space as opposed to static space? As you look across the DTLA business districts, you can find collaborative office space becoming a new trend. This is an office model that lets you lease the amount of space you need initially, and you can add or downsize depending on your needs. Our company offers this kind of office space for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs who need an official business address as well as infrastructure and support for their tasks.

This office space is part of the rental package we have available at 1010 Wilshire, the place to find work, living and play luxuries within and near the greater Los Angeles area. You can move into your new office, plug in your computer to the outlet and connect to enterprise-grade wi-fi, and do networking on-site. Your shipping and printing needs can be handled by the staff at our business center. Other staff that works tirelessly to meet client needs are maintenance technicians, IT gurus, administrative assistants, and housekeeping staff. The living and play amenities are part of our executive apartment properties where the comforts of fully furnished suites await you, along with the fun of evening parties on the rooftop by the pool and cocktail bar.

Maybe the amenities and services of TENTEN Wilshire sound amazing to you, but you’d like to see for yourself if they live up to the hype. You can do that by taking the no-obligation tour of our facility and looking at office space rental availabilities. You just need to make sure you sign up for your space while it’s still available by calling 1-877-423-3058, or filling out our request form at

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One company but segregated into their different departments, this new office system also known as coworking space has more open desks and tables where employees work on projects together or interact with new clients. This kind of environment has proved well for freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, remote workers and others. If you want to set up a collaborative office in downtown Los Angeles and are comparing rates, you should see what we have to offer.

Our property here at 1010 Wilshire has both commercial and residential rentals available. Not only can you lease open floor space, but there are also private offices and access to business wi-fi and printers. If you need any assistance, our front desk staff and administrative assistants are never far away, and you can also find concierge services here. 1010 also has living spaces if you want to have a fully furnished apartment near where you work, and these apartments also come with other perks. And when you’re not working, you can catch the breathtaking view of the city from the rooftop, swim in the pool, play games at the outdoor billiard, or even enjoy great food and drink that’s been cooked in our barbecue pits.

If you want to see what our open and private office space rentals look like, you should schedule the tour of TENTEN Wilshire. We’ll be able to work a lease term with you that’s flexible to your business needs, and doesn’t have all the red tape that most regular office and corporate apartment rentals have. You can find our properties all across Los Angeles including one location near Little Armenia CA. To inquire about availabilities, call today at 1-877-423-3058, or visit

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Long gone are the days of white cubicles, cluttered offices and dull decorations. Businesses have come to realize that well-decorated office space with amenities can improve staff chemistry, lower the turnover rate and boost morale.

Why is this important?

A happy employee will put more effort into their work, making your business more money. A miserable employee who hates their job will give minimal effort, making you lose money. Considering a large portion of our lives are spent at work, don’t you think it makes sense to make it a welcoming place?

The answer should be a resounding yes!

If you have your offices located in Hollywood, California and are looking to relocate somewhere nearby, consider making a stop at 1010 Wilshire located on South Beaudry Ave. and Wilshire Blvd. There you will see TenTen Wilshire, an office building dedicated to creating a new lifestyle for professionals.

Live Comfortably. Work Hard. Have Fun.

At TenTen Wilshire, you will find a collaborative office space that redefines what you think an office building should look like. When the building was originally being designed, everything was taken into serious consideration. from the position of the windows in the building to the type of furniture used, all the way to the location of the plants, no stone was left unturned when TenTen Wilshire committed having the most unique office space rental in the Los Angeles area.

Whether you are a successful CEO in control of numerous office spaces or a group of freelancers trying to make a name for yourselves, TenTen Wilshire lofts can comfortably accommodate the many and the few. In addition to our lofts, we have a spacious event center, numerous recreational rooms and a movie theater inside the building to make your free time one elevator ride away to fun!

But that is not all.

We even have a rooftop bar for our tenants to enjoy! Whether you need a breath of fresh air in the afternoon or want to enjoy happy hour with coworkers after work, take a ride to the rooftop of the TenTen Wilshire building and enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles landscape from above!

Schedule a Tour of the Office

We know how important first impressions matter, so come on by and look at our office building for yourself! If you want to move out from Hollywood but do not want to lose your current clientele, call us today at 877-959-3621 or email to schedule a tour around the building. We promise you will be impressed with our flexible leasing packages and sophisticated architecture.

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After spending countless hours in an office, most people become antsy to head home. Following that same train of logic, wouldn’t an office space that reminds employees of a home to be more comfortable to be in? If you are an entrepreneur, group of freelancers or a CEO trying to bring new life to your staff, TenTen Wilshire may be the answer you are looking for.

Our office building makes a day at work an unforgettable and memorable experience.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the numerous benefits to having a collaborative office space. To start, a review of open office spaces from 300 separate studies found that these layouts highly impacted occupant productivity across the board. In addition to that, they increase informal interactions among employees which helps teams collaborate more effectively.

If you have a business in Highland Park and are looking to relocate in order to capitalize on this growing trend, consider making a stop at 1010 Wilshire Blvd. A look inside will show you what a sophisticated, open office is all about.

Live. Work. Play

At TenTen Wilshire, we take all-inclusive living and office space rental to a whole new level. An enhanced lifestyle is achieved for our tenants by blending the latest technology with full-service amenities. These amenities include, but are not limited to, exquisitely furnished conference rooms, spacious business centers, recreational centers, all-inclusive complimentary utilities and much more!

New and seasoned entrepreneurs love the creativity TenTen Wilshire brings to the average day at the office. Our layout promotes our tenants to co-mingle with each other organically, helping make new business connections and inspire ideas through collaboration or informal conversations. One of the most popular hang out spots in the building is the rooftop.


Because we have an open bar available exclusively for our tenants! Enjoy our 6-9 Happy Hour with coworkers and soak in the spectacular Los Angeles view from high above. You can even bring a bathing suit to enjoy your cocktails in the pool. How many other office buildings can say that?

Schedule a Complimentary Tour at TenTen Wilshire Today!

If you are a first-time business owner, freelancer, or a CEO looking to revitalize staff chemistry, consider relocating your office space to our building! Come to TenTen Wilshire and experience a complimentary tour of the premise. All you need to do is give us a call at 877-959-3621 or send an email to so we can book you for your visit today.

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The need for flexible office space solutions has never been greater than it is now. Businesses need the ability to move and function where they are needed. The global economy has made having instant office space rental options a necessity.

This need has created the newest trend: collaborative office space. A company can secure a fully furnished and operational office space instantly. These businesses need to be up and running in an afternoon, not after months of setting up and waiting to have services like the Internet and phones installed.

TenTen Wilshire is pleased to offer this type of office set up for businesses. We have beautifully furnished, and fully functional offices available that can have you operational by the end of the day. You will enjoy a beautifully designed and furnished office that has high-speed Internet access, electricity, and phone service.

Start-up companies love all the additional amenities that 1010 Wilshire has to offer. Our building features a rooftop and patio gathering area, conference rooms, and movie screening area. For our clients, we offer a spa area, personal trainers, meet and greets, and a daily happy hour. We are also one of the few office buildings that have a private helipad so that our clients can accommodate their VIPs.

Collaborative office space is perfect for freelancers who need space to meet clients or work without having to invest in their own office. 1010 Wilshire is also a prime address for entrepreneurs who desire to operate their company in the heart of the Los Angeles business district.

When you are looking for upscale office space near Griffith Park, you will not need to look any further than 1010 Wilshire. Our building offers high-quality office space with flexible leasing terms. When you need an office fast, we are your first and only choice.

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The old ways of getting office space rentals for your business were time-consuming, took a lot of financing, and usually ended up being more costly than they needed to be. But now you can rent office space that doesn’t have to be on large floor plans or require a multi-year lease at all. The new collaborative office space model lets you rent only the space you want when you need it, and that’s how our office and apartment rentals work. We have office floors setup for entrepreneurs who are just starting to be able to work in groups in the open, and even partner with other startups if necessary.

Our office space can be found here at 1010 Wilshire, one of LA’s top-rated all-in-one place to work, live and play. Throughout our property near Glendale, CA you find business amenities that include shipping, printing, copying, and fax center, and conference rooms plus high traffic lobby areas that are sometimes reserved for networking events. If you decide 1010 is where you want to live, you can lease one of our executive loft apartments that’s fully furnished and ready for you to move into. And our play amenities are a wide array of entertainment and leisurely activities that may have you wanting to stay forever.

Freelancers, marketing agents, financial advisors, and filmmakers all have benefited from our services, and you can be the next to do so. We can find a month-to-month lease that works for you, and we can show you space that’s available when you schedule a free tour of TENTEN Wilshire. Our office suites and apartments are often in high demand, and our special offers don’t always last, so act now to get the best lease deal by calling 1-877-423-3058, or visiting

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Starting a business or beginning an inspiring film production can start within your own home, but as time goes on you may need a business address to add a few more benefits to your endeavor. An even better way of opening a business location is through a collaborative office space leasing property because in doing so, you can rent the office space you want without having to rent space you don’t need. Many millennial entrepreneurs love not only the financial savings collaborative space can afford them, but also the personal interactions it affords them. At our place near Glassell Park, CA, you can participate in networking and take advantage of our infrastructure to get your business or film production going.

The office space we rent out is done through our 1010 Wilshire properties. This includes our corporate housing and other on-site facilities. Our office space is leased on a first come first serve basis, and you can choose from renting simple open space for your needs, or choose a fully-furnished private office. As a tenant of 1010, you can also access our gym, gaming rooms, rooftop, and swimming pool and partake of the play experience we have here. Likewise, our apartments are also fully furnished and come in luxurious designs and with tremendous comforts, you’d find at home.

If our office space rentals and luxury apartments here at TENTEN Wilshire sound too good to be true, you should come to our place to see for yourself. Our staff will guide you through the facility and show you why many freelancers and filmmakers have loved the advantages of our environment. You can sign up to take the tour today and inquire about our leases by calling 1-877-423-3058, or contact us at

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Do you need a collaborative office space? Are you launching a new company, in Los Angles on a temporary project, or just need an office space that is ready to go? If the answer is yes, then you need to see what 1010 Wilshire has to offer your company.

When it comes to office space rental options, TenTen Wilshire offers high-end office space as a cost-effective price. Our all-inclusive offices are beautifully furnished and are all inclusive of utilities, including high-speed Internet and phone service. Our building also offers many amenities that you cannot find at similar office structures.

Entrepreneurs love the fact that our offices are accessible for use the same day that you sign the lease. YOu do not have to wait to set up an office or for someone to move out. Our stylish offices also impress clients, something that is beneficial to every business owner.

Freelancers love our flexible lease terms. We offer month to month leasing or longer-term leases if that is what is desired. We know that today’s economy requires flexibility, and we are happy to work with our clients to meet their leasing needs.

TenTen Wilshire has many amenities, including a spa, two gathering areas, conference rooms, screening areas, and a helipad. We also have many events designed just for our tenants so that you can add a little downtime to your busy day.

Having an office space at 1010 Wilshire will not only locate your company on one of the most well-known boulevards in Los Angeles, but it will also place you in the heart of the business district. Clients will love the convenience of visiting your office on Wilshire Boulevard.

When you are looking for the right office space near Garden Grove for your company, you do not have to look any further than 1010 Wilshire Boulevard.

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If you want something new and exciting where you go to work, you can find it with a collaborative office space. Many business owners and freelancers are moving away from the old office model where everyone was isolated and compartmentalized, and now moving into space where peer collaboration and networking is made easier. This is what our property offers entrepreneurs and businesses looking for flexible floor plans. Not only can you interact with other businesses, build a new clientele or even add new members to your team in a coworking environment, but you can even attend larger networking events and conferences when they’re hosted at locations like ours.

Our collaborative office and residential spaces can be found near Edendale, CA at our all-inclusive 1010 Wilshire property. Along with open office areas, private desks with landline phones, and fantastic IT infrastructure, you can also reserve conference rooms, receive packages and use our office equipment when you rent from us. If you want more than just office space and want to experience our luxurious living, you can also bundle one of our corporate apartments in with your office space. Tenants can also have fun working out in our gym, take a break to get a massage, and even enjoy outdoor activities around the pool area of our rooftop.

Clients who lease office space rentals here at TENTEN Wilshire come from filming, finance, digital advertising, real estate, and other industries, and all of them have given our service high satisfaction ratings. You can see why for yourself if you take a free tour of our property. You’ll be able to see which available office spaces would like work best for you, and even check out available apartments if you’re renting housing as well. Available spaces can be leased out quickly, so you should schedule an appointment as possible by calling 1-877-423-3058, or visiting

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Two things are important when looking around for new office space. Where you work and how you work mean everything, and at our collaborative office space facility near Eagle Rock, CA, we aim to show you how innovative workspace can be both productive and fun. Many things can be done when you step outside of cloistered workspace and start spreading ideas and networking with fellow entrepreneurs or aspiring filmmakers. Collaborative spaces allow you to start from scratch, acquire more space as needed, and even reserve and use business equipment and board rooms as needed.

1010 Wilshire is the place where all of this can happen, and the office space here is designed to be comfortable and have amenities right at your fingertips. Our IT setup and enterprise wi-fi network has both fast download speeds and high bandwidth allowing freelancers and tech developers to stay productive. We also have administrative support staff who can take care of other items on your agenda, and there are even valet parking and other concierge services on-site. If you want even more out of the 1010 experience, we also have fully-furnished executive apartments and a plethora of play amenities to enjoy. And leasing our office space or apartments can be done on both a short-term and long-term plan.

Who has enjoyed the benefits of working and living at TENTEN Wilshire? Clients from Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and more who love the comforts found here. You can be a part of it too by scheduling a tour of the facility, filling out the paperwork and beginning your office space rental. It’s not difficult to get started, but you should sign up while availabilities last. To find out more about our rentals, call 1-877-423-3058 or visit

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Studies have shown time and time again that an open office space catered to employees improves productivity, job satisfaction, and overall revenue. Savvy business owners have adopted this model to their workplace or are considering making changes to the office to capitalize on this growing trend.

If you are reading this, chances are you fit the description.

There is no shortage of office space rentals available in the downtown Los Angeles area, meaning searching for a new location can be tedious. With a list of things to consider such as amenities, decorations, utility costs and so on, finding an ideal location can take days if not weeks.

All things considered, wouldn’t it be great to find an all-in-one location that hits all the major company needs?

At TenTen Wilshire, we have considered all the above factors and have a jam-packed it into one building. By focusing on workplace, living space and recreational areas, we have made our facility a one-stop destination for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and managers looking to shake up their business model.


Located in downtown Los Angeles, we have one of the most luxurious office buildings available at an affordable price. We have a collaborative office space that is designed to be comfortable and inviting for both clients and employees. Tenants at our facility have fully equipped office suites that come with a computer equipped work stations, copying machines, mailing services, internet connection, utilities and more!

Aside from our amazing office space rentals, we also want to take a moment to highlight our recreational areas. Socialize with coworkers by the rooftop pool, enjoy a movie in our state-of-the-art theater or have a seat by the fire pit and chat with other tenants while enjoying the Los Angeles landscape from high above.

We even hold fun-filled events throughout the year! One of our personal favorites is the 1010 Casino and Costume Ball, where tenants get to dress up and enjoy cocktails with other entrepreneurs and freelancers who have made TenTen Wilshire their home.

Come for a Complimentary Tour of TenTen Wilshire Today!

Interested in what we have to offer? Considering taking a closer look at the building? Come on down to 1010 Wilshire on the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and South Beaudry Ave. to experience a complimentary tour. We will showcase the living suites, office spaces, and recreational spaces so you can have a more personal understanding of everything we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-959-3621 or contact us online so we can reserve your visit to TenTen Wilshire today!

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Not every office is a permanent workplace. With many newer generations of entrepreneurs looking for mobility in how and where they work, things have started to change in the office space scene. A popular office lease option today is collaborative office space, a place where employees or independent contractors can work surrounded by potential new partners, or they can rent out more private offices if they need less noise to make phone calls and be productive. At our all-in-one residential and commercial property, you can find collaborative space along with apartments and rent them for as long as you need.

Our place is 1010 Wilshire and it’s located in some of LA’s quality neighborhoods near shopping centers, motion picture studios, civic centers, and there’s even a property near scenic Chula Vista, CA. All of our properties have lease options and setups that make it easy to move in and connect to the internet to get to work. Our professional staff is always ready to help and they include secretaries, IT technicians, shipping center operators, parking attendants, and housekeepers. But more than just office space rentals, we also have loft-style apartments with luxurious furnishings and accessories to make your stay feel like home.

While many big-name film executives and Hollywood personalities have lived and worked here, TENTEN Wilshire has also been leased by real estate brokers, tech companies, marketing firms and even freelancers. With leases starting at month-to-month and various discounts and deals that come with renting from us, the opportunity for you to enjoy our amenities has never been better. You can get started today by scheduling a free tour of TENTEN at a time that’s convenient for you by calling 1-877-423-3058, or visiting

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Your office space must reflect the personality of your company if you desire to influence clients and generate sales. When a client arrives at your office, it takes less than eight seconds for them to form an opinion of your business based on what they see in your office space. Does your company look professional? Is it modern and trendy? Does it have what you need to conduct business?

For many new companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers having the right office set up can be difficult. The initial set-up costs can be higher than what you have budgeted. The logical choice then would be to use a collaborative office space.

TenTen Wilshire offers professional office space rental with the start-up business in mind. Our all-inclusive office spaces have everything you need to make your business look great, and all the tools you need to operate it successfully.

Entrepreneurs who need to quickly expand their space, or freelancers looking for temporary space will find that our offices will meet their needs. In addition to offering fully furnished office space, tenants will have access to all of our amenities, including the rooftop bar and pool. We also have a helipad for your VIPs to have easy access to your business.

Offices at 1010 Wilshire are available on a monthly rate. We offer month-to-month, short term, and long term leasing options to our clients because we understand that flexibility is what helps our clients succeed.

TenTen Wilshire is the perfect place to launch your business or have additional office space. Located in the heart of Los Angeles on the iconic Wilshire Boulevard, this address alone will set our business apart from others in your industry.

If you are looking for prime collaborative office space near Century City that is flexible and affordable, you are encouraged to visit 1010 Wilshire and discover all the amenities that this prime office space has to offer.

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There is a lot of competition for premium office space. Securing one of these spaces and equipping it with everything you need to function as an office may not be budget-friendly, especially if you are a start-up or only in the area for a temp project. If this sounds like your situation, collaborative office space is your solution.

TenTen Wilshire offers premium office space that is designed to meet the flexibility of today’s business. We offer beautifully furnished offices that have everything you need to operate your company. What is even more impressive is that we also offer same-day move-in options so you can get to work right away.

At 1010 Wilshire, you will find all the amenities that you desire to operate your company and several more that you never knew you wanted. We have conference areas, screening rooms, and even gathering areas on our patio and rooftop for client entertaining. We have a spa, free personal trainers, and nightly happy hour for our tenants. We even have a helipad.

Our office space rental policies are very flexible. We offer month to month options and long and short term leasing. Freelancers love our office spaces because they can rent an office on short notice and entertain a client that afternoon. It is the perfect choice for anyone with a need for high-end office space but has a limited setup budget.

Entrepreneurs will also enjoy the prime address of our property. Wilshire Boulevard is one of the most well-known streets in LA. It is also located in the heart of the business district, making it convenient for businesses and clients alike.

If you are looking for the perfect office location near Burbank, you will love what TenTen Wilshire has to offer you and your business. Most of our clients move on the same day that they come to view our property.

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Have you wanted quality office space but at less of a setup premium and deep investment that most of LA’s landlords charge? The good news is you can find it right here at our collaborative office space facility where both coworking space and private turnkey offices can be rented. Entrepreneurs today look for space that’s flexible with their growth and allows them to scale up or down. Collaborative offices are great for startups that need to network and find potential investors, partners, clients, and new talent. from desks and tables in an open setting to high volume shipping centers, office equipment, and other full-scale business services, collaborative space is a great solution for businesses wanting to bang for their buck.

You can find these coworking and turnkey office space rentals here at 1010 Wilshire. We’re committed to professionalism while at the same time being host to a relaxed work environment where you can work in comfort and ease around a friendly staff. Our wi-fi is business-grade and brings you high speed so you can upload files to the cloud or engage in business video chat when needed. Our living space rentals match the quality of our office spaces with ultra-comfortable furniture and flat-screen TVs, stainless steel appliances, and so much more.

If you’re looking for a collaborative office environment near Brentwood, CA, you can find it at one of our DTLA TENTEN Wilshire properties. Our place houses workers of all professions from IT specialists, film producers, financial service providers and even freelancers. The steps to renting at TENTEN begin with signing up for our free tour, then choosing a lease agreement that matches your term needs. To get started, call our toll-free number at 1-877-423-3058, or fill out the form at

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Are you searching for the perfect office space near Bel Air? Are you shocked by the start-up costs associated with starting a new office? Does having an office located in a prime location seem cost-prohibitive for freelancers or new start-ups? The good news is that there is now a solution to this problem.

Collaborative office space is the newest option for entrepreneurs looking for prime office locations without all of the expenses associated with setting up a functioning workspace.

TenTen Wilshire offers businesses a prime address in the heart of Los Angeles. Our offices are carefully designed to be trendy and functional. Each space has high-speed Internet, and all utilities included. All of our office space is ready for use, and many of our clients move on the same day they sign their lease.

The amenities at 1010 Wilshire are bountiful. We have meeting space, entertaining space, conference areas, and a screening area that can be used by our clients. For our clients, we offer personal trainers, a spa and sauna area, a rooftop gathering space, and daily happy hours for networking. We even have a helipad that can be used by all offices.

Our office space rental program is very flexible. Offices can be rented month to month or on a short term or long term lease. We understand that flexibility is crucial to business success, so we want to make sure that you only rent your office for as long as you need one in the area. Our collaborative space is perfect for temp projects, international businesses, and start-ups that need help launching their company.

When you need prime office space near Bel Air without all of the set-up expenses, your first choice will always be 1010 Wilshire. Our property is a prime location and provides companies from all industries with the office space they need when they need that space.

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Are you at the point where you need to get a new office for your business to make it official? Maybe you want an upgrade or want to find an option that allows for scalability. We’re pleased to announce that we have a wide variety of turnkey space that includes collaborative office space fitting for startups as well as freelancers. Collaborative space enables you to lease a smaller space whether it’s in an open environment or a separate office space in the general area. But it’s easy to the plugin, connect to a secure wi-fi network and start working or doing business networking.

Our place for collaborative workspace is 1010 Wilshire, an office, housing, and entertainment center all in one. With locations near the Altadena area and around DTLA, our properties are in ideal commuting areas and close by shopping centers. TENTEN has the kind of amenities that simplify work such as our business center where printing, copying, fax, and shipping are all available. Professionally trained staff are also available including administrative assistants, IT helpers, maintenance technicians, and concierge attendants. We also offer fully furnished housing in our executive suites and loft apartments, and our rooftop entertainment and play amenities are also part of the package.

Filmmakers, entrepreneurs, advertising agents, and government workers can all benefit from the TENTEN Wilshire offering. Instead of having to sign a lease for 5-10 years for apartment or office space rentals, you can lease month-to-month for a term length that fits your schedule even if you only lease for temporary travel purposes. To find out about our rentals and see our property in person, signup for the 1010 free tour by calling 1-877-423-3058 or visiting

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Have you ever thought of a time where the future of office space would change? What if different companies built of a few entrepreneurs were no longer housed in different company buildings but instead were now working side by side? The future of this is now with collaborative office space which isn’t a corridor of closed-door offices but instead tends to consist of open workspace. This kind of space tends to be more affordable for smaller businesses with smaller budgets, but it also can facilitate quicker growth for them since there are many other freelancers and developers they can build their networks with.

Our office space here at 1010 Wilshire is equipped with desk space, high-speed business wi-fi, and printing and fax machines in the business center. You can also rent private turnkey offices if you need a more quiet space to work. Also, a part of our TENTEN property is our corporate apartments. These apartments are fully furnished and come with flat-screen TVs, home theater systems, fully equipped kitchens, very comfortable king-sized beds, and other technology hookups. Both our office space rentals and apartments are managed by professionally trained staff and maintained by housekeepers and maintenance technicians.

The TENTEN Wilshire experience not only has all-inclusive office space and luxuries in living, but it also is full of fun such as the fitness room, the billiard areas, the movie screening rooms, and in-house theaters, and also the pool and cocktail bar area. You can enjoy these amenities by signing up for one of the leases that we can go over when you visit our property. You can schedule this free tour of our property near Alhambra, CA by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-423-3058, or filling out the free tour form at

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Have you ever wanted to see DTLA from a lofty place with beautiful panorama and comforts all around you? Maybe you plan to travel through LA as part of a business or other endeavors and are looking for a temporary apartment that has this luxury. Or maybe you want to enjoy the entertainment of LA even more by living in housing near important places like Westwood Village, CA. If that’s the case, you should consider renting one of our corporate apartments where you can take advantage of first-class luxuries and choose from a variety of apartment styles. But even more so, you can rent for as long or short a time as you need.

Our place is 1010 Wilshire, a turnkey housing property management company, and we warmly welcome you here. Your car can be parked by our valet attendant, the bellhop can bring your belongings to your suite, and you’ll be able to settle in from there. Each of our luxury apartments has comfortable furniture, large flat-screen TVs with premium cable TV service, brand new appliances and even a bathroom with fancy designed fixtures. Around the property, you can find the business area with its shipping center and office equipment, the entertainment area up on the roof along with the swimming pool, and professional courtesies that can be added to your rental plan.

Unsure exactly what to look for in our apartments for rent? We have many floor plans featuring lofts and multi-bedroom suites, and these include our standard, deluxe and executive apartments. When you’re ready to see them, you can take a free tour of TENTEN Wilshire and have your lease signed quickly. You should schedule the tour today by calling 1-877-751-0825, or filling our form out at

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If you love the DTLA nightlife scenes, or need to be located where filming and entertainment productions are often hosted, you’ll find Universal City, CA to be a great place to be located near. Near here is where you can find famous exhibits related to Universal Studios as well as fun indoor recreational activities and some of the areas top clubs. The best news is that you can find quality corporate housing near Universal City that has easy access to this area of LA, and that is thriving with business and leisurely activities. That housing can be found at our properties throughout LA and Hollywood.

We offer a turnkey apartment solution here at 1010 Wilshire that has fully furnished suites with flexible leasing. When you need to work here at 1010, we have collaborative office space, conference rooms, a business center, and high-speed internet and IT infrastructure to work with. When it’s time to play, our swimming pool, sundeck, outdoor billiard room, cocktail bar, and gaming area all have fun you don’t want to miss out on. But when you live in one of our luxury apartments, you’ll wake up in a very comfy king-sized bed, look out panoramic windows, have a stainless steel appliance kitchen to use and even your laundry machines.

You’ll be happy to know that you can stay as short or as long as you’d like here at TENTEN Wilshire, but you may be wondering how do you get started with this? We have a tour of 1010 that we offer for newcomers to see our apartments for rent, and if they’re happy they can get started moving in. All you need to do to take the tour is sign up for it. Just make sure to act now while apartments are still available by calling 1-877-751-0825, or visiting

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Have you become frustrated when searching for apartments for rent? So all of the apartments you visit seem to lack the things that you want, or they simply do not meet your expectations? This is common in Los Angeles because of the number of properties available for rent.

Your frustration can end. There is no reason to search for luxury apartments in LA when 1010 Wilshire has apartments available for rent. Our luxury apartments will exceed all of your expectations. Our prime location on Wilshire Boulevard, and the amenities that we offer, place us at the top of every list for apartment rentals.

TenTen Wilshire offers beautifully furnished apartments that have stunning kitchens and in-home washing facilities. Each floorplan was designed for comfort and functionality. We have taken every step to create the ultimate luxury living space.

Our community amenities at 1010 Wilshire are also outstanding. We have conference and screening areas to conduct business and two areas where you can entertain. Need to relax? We have a beautiful rooftop bar and gathering area that is open every day. We even host weekly gatherings so residents can socialize. We have a gym, spa, sauna, and massage room. We have private parking, valet services, and a helipad. What is even more amazing is that this is only a portion of the amenities that we offer. And of course, we are pet-friendly.

Our location is located in the heart of DTLA. You will be conveniently located near the business and entertainment districts, LAX, dining and shopping, and everything else that makes Los Angeles great. We also offer flexible leasing terms so that you can customize your residential needs to your lifestyle.

There is no reason to look any further when searching for an apartment near Toluca Lake. TenTen Wilshire is an incredible apartment community that offers more than you can hipe for from luxury apartment living.

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Do you want to live in a place that feels as cozy as home in the suburbs but puts you within reach of the thrills of DTLA? Do you want to stay on your time and not have to put a large investment for multiple years into it? A short-term or month-to-month stay is possible at our corporate apartments for rent due to the flexibility we offer in our agreements. And all of that includes some of the finest work, live and play amenities to make everything more enjoyable. And on top of that, we make sure you are treated to top-class professional courtesies.

Who are we? We are 1010 Wilshire, a place where clients of the filming, advertising, telecommunications, real estate, and other industries can find that extra space for their living and work needs. Our luxury apartments are fully furnished and have stainless steel appliances including your own laundry machines ready to use. When you have a package you need to send via FedEx or UPS, you can visit our business center to have it sent. There are also conference rooms and desktop workstation areas for various big projects that need extra resources. When you want something a little different, you can visit our on-site gym, massage rooms, rooftop swimming pool, and recreation rooms.

The apartments you can find here at TENTEN Wilshire are designed to accommodate one person or even whole families. The floor plans have standard, deluxe, and executive suites that also have high-speed internet and cable TV access. You can find our properties in convenient locations in LA including near Thai Town, CA. If you’re ready to start leasing an apartment from us, call 1-877-751-0825 or visit

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If you have spent any time searching for apartments for rent, you know that there are some noticeable differences in what is advertised as a luxury living space. It has become difficult to find a real luxury living space that is affordable, conveniently located, and offers personal and community amenities.

That is until now. 1010 Wilshire offers luxurious living spaces, incredible amenities, and a prime location on iconic Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles. If you want to enjoy a style of living that can only be experienced in LA, then 1010 Wilshire will be your only choice for an apartment.

Our luxury apartments are available in four different floorplans. Every apartment is fully furnished with trendy furnishings that have been carefully selected also to be functional. All apartments include electric, phone, and high-speed Internet service provided with the cost of the rent.

TenTen Wilshire also offers all of its tenant’s flexible rental terms. We understand that life and business may require you to need month-to-month or short term lease options. With TenTen Wilshire, that is no problem. We also offer long term leasing for tenants that wish to remain in the area for an extended period of time.

TenTen Wilshire is a prime location for anyone that needs to be near DTLA. We offer superior amenities for our residents, including a rooftop bar area, helipad, and weekly meet and greets so residents can have some time to relax and socialize. We have a state of the art gym, sauna, and massage area. We even have movie screening rooms for your convenience.

When you are searching for a luxury apartment space near Sunset Hills or the surrounding LA area, your first stop should be 1010 Wilshire Boulevard. You will be surprised at how affordable, and convenient luxury living can be in Los Angeles.