The California Motor Speedway located in Redwood City, CA, which is only about a 30 minute drive from downtown Los Angeles, is home to one of the fastest and loudest race tracks in the west coast. Nascar holds dozens of races there each season. The track is also used as a training ground for many car manufacturers looking to test out new models or to train their employees on how to drive new cars.

The speedway is also a family friendly environment. There are lots of childrens activities such as face painting, an arcade and bumper cars. Fans who attend events held here are mainly locals and those traveling from Los Angeles or the desert cities. Last season, 7 nascar races were held at the track. Nascar is the largest sponsor of the raceway which is owned by a Phoenix based company. When the track is not being used, you are welcome to bring your own car out to the track and have some fun burning tires.

Fans travel from all parts of Los Angeles to watch races. The races are so much fun. Even for those who are not big nascar fans, it is definitely worth coming out for an afternoon to try it out. The smell of burning rubber and gasoline is something that takes some getting used to. Also remember to pack ear plugs since it does get very loud. Nascar is mainly a sport that is popular in the south but it is definitely making its way westward.

This is just one of the many fun places to see when traveling in Southern California. Be sure to book your hotel stay a few weeks in advance if you are planning on coming down for the weekend. Book your stay online or over the phone. Have a safe trip.