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When it comes time to select your Southern California corporate housing near Toluca Lake CA, you may have a lot of choices to select from, but truth be told, most of them are little more than glorified extended stay hotels and offer limited features and almost no community amenities. TENTEN Wilshire is different. The address everyone is talking about is more than just great office space, and fabulous residential suites, it’s also a premier provider of CorpHouse solutions that go above and beyond the norm. Why live in a mass-produced box while in town, when you could live in a stylish and unique fully furnished apartment.

A Residential Suite that Feels Just Like Home

There are several different floor plans to choose from but all of them feature the same group of high luxury amenities including tasteful and trendy decor, fully equipped and outfitted kitchens with stainless steel appliances, and resort quality mattresses and pillows accentuated with five-star hotel bedding. Even robes and slippers are provided for your comfort and convenience. There are large screen TVs in both the main living area, as well as the bedroom which feature a full cable package including premium movie channels. The workstation has a landline phone, hard-wired internet connection, and fax line, and the entire building has ultra secure blazing fast WiFi to help keep all of your mobile devices connected.

A Community Built with You in Mind

Choosing the right corporate housing provider is just as much about the community features that are offered as it is about location, budget, or residential amenities. At TENTEN you not only get high-quality residential suites in a wide variety of floor plans, but you also get a wide variety of community features that include items such as a coffee bar in the building, a state of the art fitness center, valet parking, a helicopter pad, and of course the award-winning rooftop with pool, fire pits, and more. 1010 is more than just an apartment building, it’s a community designed, built, and managed to provide you with the best possible live/work/play environment in the greater Los Angeles.

Come see why 1010 Wilshire is the address to know not only to live, work, and play in style, luxury, and convenience, but also the name to trust for your California corporate housing needs near Toluca Lake CA. You can find out more by visiting the 1010 website. There are video tours and tons of information about the various amenities and features offered by this extraordinary property. While on the site make sure that you register for a free tour of the building at any time that is convenient for you. Everyone at TENTEN is looking forward to having the chance to show you why this is not only the best choice in the area but the smart choice.