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1010 Wilshire Has Corporate Housing For You Near Spaulding Square CA

Hollywood, Santa Monica, and the downtown Los Angeles area can look quite marvellous seen from up high in an executive apartment suite such as the ones we offer at our housing company. Our company is 1010 Wilshire, a housing provider that has served many entertainment industry executives and business clients and is highly rated by housing authorities. We have a wide selection of floor plans both for office and living space and even have them available at a facility near Spaulding Square CA.

What’s Around Our Housing Facilities?

If you’re interested in having business amenities and fun activities right outside your door, then our California corporate housing company is perfect for you. With a business center that has office equipment, an in-house theater for movie nights, a gym to workout in and a rooftop pool and barbecue pit area, you’ll love having fun at our place. And our professional staff are always just a call away if you have any pressing needs or questions.

What’s In Each Housing Space?

TENTEN Wilshire has furnished each suite with stainless steel appliances, laundry machines, home theater surround sound and HD televisions, very comfortable chairs and sofas and even your own robes and slippers. We want to make sure all our suites look and feel like home, and that they’re kept clean and well-maintained when you’re away. In addition to our regular room service and luxuries, you can signup for additional options, and our lease terms are flexible so that you can stay as short or as long as you need.

All you need to do to get started with leasing one of our corporate housing suites is to signup for our free tour. You’ll get a chance to see one of our available suites and see what our property is like, and if you decide you love it, we’ll get the rest of the paperwork started. But to make sure your suite is available, you should signup for the tour immediately by calling 1-877-469-9032 or visiting