How does corporate living space appeal to your business needs nearby ritzy Bel Air CA? The popular Wilshire community offers their guests exceptional in-house amenities. Enjoy a short or long-term lease that caters to your unique housing needs. Their friendly team of professionals will cater to you from the inquiry of your leasing options to the expiration of your lease. There's plenty of room for proactive business professionals interested in living in a like minded community. The TENTEN Wilshire community has been voted number one in California 3 years in a row by local area housing rental professionals.

Guests enjoy exemplary California corporate housing amenities that includes an all access rooftop helipad, full gym, lounge, and pool. Plus, their in-suite amenities include full king/queen bed options, full washer/dryer combo, gourmet kitchen, office space, hardwood floors, premium cable channels, customized housekeeping, glass bathrooms with a soaking tub, and other basic 5-star suite amenities. You'll enjoy your skylight view of downtown LA from your private patio or balcony. Wilshire recently went through $7.4 million dollars in renovations to improve their guest experience. In fact, you have an opportunity to enjoy security features like a gated community, on-site courtesy officer, and 24 hour surveillance monitoring at Wilshire.

Are you in the entertaintent industry or a filmmaking enthusiast? The corporate housing at 1010 doubles as a filming location for short, feature, and motion film professionals. Their clients can use the nearby events center for all their corporate needs. Get support on your film with on-site production assistance. TENTEN Wilshire is the best kept secret in local area filming. They have everything you need to live, work, and play from home.

You can join their social mixers located at the Wilshire community. They encourage their residents to get out and meet other corporate professionals. You're invited to take a tour of 1010 Wilshire by speaking to one of their friendly customer service representatives for more details.