The Cahuita National Park is one of the largest in Costa Rica. There is a massive 600 acre reef of the coast. It houses over 35 species of coral which sustain an assortment of marine life. You will find octopi, urchins, barracudas, crustaceans, and over 120 types of fish and sharks. In 1991 there was a huge earthquake that shook the area and parts of the reef were affected with minor damage when it was exposed to air. However, it is making a comeback. There is a rundown slave ship that is just off the coast. Another popular attraction is the corporate rentals that are just a couple miles from the park. Luxurious, echo-friendly apartments are being offered to travelers.

The Cahuita National Park is just as important as its marine equivalent. You will see wildlife here such as monkeys and several types of rodents and reptiles. Birdlife is bountiful here. You will see toucans, parrots, and macaws. There are several types of turtles who live here as well. Because the park is in such close proximity to the village of Cahuita, the furnished apartments are well developed. Kelly Creek gives access points for those who want to walk to the park. You can do so if you stay nearby. There is an array of accommodations you can use while visiting Cahuita National Park. Make sure to book your stay with your travel agent.