The Uludag National park in Turkey is 30 KM south of Bursa. You can actually take a cable car from Bursa to Uludag. It’s quite the journey and adventure and will take about 20 minutes. The mountain road is open year round. There is also a private helicopter service from Istanbul which will take about 25 minutes. The cable car is highly recommended. There are some beautiful fully furnished apartments in the area, near the cable car. You can rent one with your travel agent.

Uludag, also commonly known as Great Mountain, is 8343 feet high, making it the highest point in the Marmara region. The Aras Selaesi, also known as the Aras Waterfalls, and the glaciers in the park are by far the most exciting geological features in the park. Very steep slopes lead to wide plant variety throughout. It has been recognized as a botanical garden and has been vastly studied for years. These conditions have also formed a habitat for many species of animal and birds. You will find bears, jackals, deer, rabbits, pigeons, vultures, black kites, and nightingales. The Bakacak Saat Kulesi at Cabankaya gives a great view of the surrounding areas. You won’t want to miss this if you’re visiting.

Where to stay: Ufuk Dag Evi

Ufuk Dag Evi corporate relocation apartment is located in a peaceful area of Uludag. Here you will find amenities such as a shared kitchen, a games room and complimentary bike rentals for those who want to be adventurous and check the area out. Free WIFI is also included. All of the rooms come equipped with a mosquito net, heater, and a sofa. You will even find private bathrooms in some of the rooms. You can use the BBQ and relax on a hammock in the garden.