Living in Malibu is one of the things that people in California dream of. Malibu is a fantasy world that is filled with beaches, beautiful people and amazing homes. You can find loft style apartments fully furnished in Malibu CA, and you can find a loft for rent that fits right into your price range. Share your budget with a staff member at 1010 Wilshire, and you can get the best live/work loft rental possible. You can enjoy living in Malibu, but you will be living in a place that was selected just for you.

Where Do You Go In Malibu?

Malibu is interesting because of its beach culture. The whole town is a beach community that flocks to the beach every day, but the community is a placed filled with homes that are near and far from the beach. You can face the beach, have the beach around the corner, live on the beach or live a few blocks from the beach.

What Kind Of Apartment?

The loft apartment that is fully furnished will help you move in and move out quickly. The furnishings in each apartment are going to help you live comfortably, but you do not need to move any of them yourself. The work area will have a desk and work space that you can use to get your job done, and the living space will have all the furnishings you need to live comfortably.

These furnished apartments are much nicer than anything you would find on your own, and there are apartments like this all over Malibu. Yes, you will live close to the ocean, but you will live in a lap of luxury of at the same time. You will not have to spend your money on nice furnishings that likely cost too much, and you will not have to do anything with those furnishings when you leave.

How Much?

You can find the place in Malibu that fits into your budget. There are plenty of places in the area that you can afford, and you need to ask for a list of the places that are best for you. You want to invite your friends over to a place that is going to welcome them openly, and you want to find a place that you can afford to keep while you are still in Malibu. Your time in Malibu may be short, but you can find a place in the city that is going to help you live in a nice environment while you work your business.