There are many different things that can influence the way an individual performs at work. As individuals are typically required to go to work just about every day (aside from the weekends), it is highly recommended for them to ensure that they choose a living environment that is best suited for their needs. Unfortunately, there is a vast number of people who live in conditions that doesn't allow them to live comfortably, nor in enjoyment. What is the point of investing in a living scenario that doesn't allow you to truly enjoy your environment. Believe it or not, your living conditions at home can have a significant impact on the quality of your work performance. Therefore, you will always be at an advantage by selecting a home that enables you to live in comfort, enjoyment and peace.

There are many options available when it comes to a loft for rent. At 1010 Wilshire in Laurel Canyon CA, your best option for living in absolute comfort and peace is available. The living rooms of each units are equipped with options that can fulfill your entertainment needs as well. There is a 42" LCD HDTV w/ DVD player in each unit, along with a sofa, arm chairs, an end table to place your coffee/appetizers/ snacks, an ashtray for smokers, bar stools and much more.

Every bedroom offers some of the best amenities and items for comfortable living as they are provided with pillows, washer/dryer unit, side table lights, slippers, robes, queen or king sized beds, full-sized mirror and much more. Why choose a living environment to reside in that doesn't necessarily allow you to live life to the fullest? Choosing a comfortable and well-equipped living scenario can truly change your life. There is an availability of free high-speed wireless and wired Internet, free local telephone service which comes with voicemail, optional services of professional housekeeping, and basic utilities are included. We also cannot forget to leave out the fact that there is a toaster available for you to enjoy some delicious toasted bread in the morning as well. Be sure to visit our facilities of TenTen Wilshire today and ask one of the representatives to show you one of the available Loft Style Apartments fully furnished.