The Barbilla National Park was created through UNESCO to protect the biological systems within the country. It is located near Cartago and Limon provinces. The national park is also home to one of the largest indigenous groups in Costa Rica known as the Cabécar. You will find ruins of their fully furnished housing structures. This group survived through fishing and hunting.

There is much rainfall in this area, about 140 – 180 inches per year! This helps keep the park green and radiant. This allows for an extremely varied flora and vegetation. You will find many endangered animals live in this park such as ocelot, jaguar, puma, tapir and large birds. Rare animals such as sun heron and the tolomuco can be watched here. The Dantas River is the main source of water for animals and people who live in this region. The tallest point in the park is Cerro Tigre. It reaches 1,617 meters.

There are amazing trails in the park. You can stay in a short term stay apartment that is centrally located so you can get to these trails and be close to all that this amazing place has to offer. It is recommended that you take a local guide as they are pretty rugged. The Barbilla Biological Station is found in the park. It is ran by the National Institute of Biodiversity. The Barbilla National Park is somewhat difficult to access. It is set 20 km from the city of Siquirres, on the border of the small village of Brisas de Pacuarito, which is where the park’s administration building is located.