Kuzcenneit, also popularly known as Bird Paradise, is about 10 miles from Bandirma and very near the Kus Lake. You can reach this beautiful place by car or train. Getting here is a breeze.

Usually around the end of wintertime, the water levels in the lake rise and cover a willow grove. The reeds beds at the most northern part of the lake is also covered by water. When spring comes, birds migrate from the south regions to the national park and nest here! You will see their young hatching and growing in that area. It is such a beautiful experience. Once summer has reached its end, they return to the warmer south. This tiny area is a popular place for migrating birds from Asia and Europe to meet. Here they find nourishment in the lake water, groves and reeds. It’s a world famous bird watching location. There are over 200 species in the area during these months, totaling to 3 million birds! You won’t find luxury housing here. For that you need to head to the city.

Where to stay:

Basri Hotel is one of the most luxurious properties in all the city! It is in Downtown and centrally located for the guests’ convenience. This hotel went through a recent modern renovation in technology, quality, and the long term stay apartment rooms have also been upgraded. The architecture is magnificent. The hotel is also a venue for weddings, conferences, and other special events. It is only about 30 min from the Kuzcenneit National park.