The Kaz Mountain National Park is located in Edrmit. The park is fully accessible by highway or train just 10 miles south of the National Park. Kaz Mountain, popularly known as Ida in a long,long time ago, are the range that separate the Marmara and Aegean regions in Turkey. The highest point of the Kaz Mountains is at 5820 feet. The most popular and highly visited ares in near the mountains include the valley which is rich and fauna an flora, the Ida Mountian, and the area of Sarkiz. It would be recommended to check these areas out. You can stay in a beautiful fully furnished apartment rental in the nearby area. There are multiple properties to choose from.

Where to stay: Asya Hotel

The aysa hotel is just a 3 minute walk to Downtown. And just about 600 meter from the Bus Terminal nearby. Here, you will enjoy amenities such as housekeeping services, flat screen TV, complimentary WIFI and premium cable. The mini bar comes fully stocked as well. The rooms here have plush carpet and luxurious bathrooms. There is also a tea kettle and coffee machine inside of the luxury housing suite. Complimentary continental breakfast is served daily. There are also multiple restaurants that serve international as well as local cuisine in the Downtown area. Enjoy the newspaper and in comfortable lobby while you enjoy your coffee. There are dry cleaning and fluff/fold and iron services at a small cost.