Bafa lake is a very popular national park in Turkey. It is located in the Soke district of Aydin province. You can reach this lake by biking trails and car. It is most accessible from the Soke region as it is a strait shot by car. You can rent a short term stay apartment nearby so that you can be central to everything that this place offers.

This lake was once a part of the Aegean sea but then became a lake of its own as a result of geographic morphing also known as geomorphologic. The area is pretty untouched by human and absolutely beautiful. There are majestic underground rivers that run around the surrounding mountains. It is plentiful in plant life. Here you will find pine trees, olive groves, and tamarisks. The wonderful thing about the lake is that it protects the ecosystem. There is a delta nearby. It also provides winter habitat for many species of birds that would have otherwise gone extinct. Close to 400,000 birds nest here, including pelican, sea eagle, and there are 750 kinds of plankton in the lake.

Some of the cultural sites around the Bafa include the city of Heraclia which is antique and located near the Besparmak Mountains. Here you will find an agora council building, Athena Temple, theatre, Endymion temple, and a public bath. There are even remains of luxury housing that was built during those times.