The Karagol National Park is located just south of Karago and is spread over Sahara and Artvin. It is about 25 miles from Savsat. There are amazing short term stay apartment rentals in the area that are just a short drive from the national park. The area around the Karagol national park is full of valley and intense landslides and thick vegetation with pines and different types of trees. The forests include species of trees which are endangered and only grow in certain areas which have high humidity and heavy sand. Cluster pine, oak and plane tree ensure a varied and colourful landscape, and there are Mediterranean species like wild olive, arbutus, rosary, sumac, locust tree, oleander, and bay trees. You can experience this amazing wild life from your furnished apartment rental in the area.

The Sahara Plateau has a geological structure formed by the basalt cover of the region. The ground in this area breaks easily, which causes the slope to increase. The forests here have spruce and fir trees, and Scotch pines in the lower regions.

Where to stay:

Ali Bilir Hotel is located in the center of Beysehir, only 1 mile from the Beysehir Lake. The rental apartment hotel offers a terrace restaurant with amazing views of the lake, and modern furnished rooms with air conditioning. Free WIFI is also included. Inside the suite you will find carpeted floors, sophisticated rooms and all have either mountain or lake views. They all include cable and minibar inside. Some rooms even come with your own private balcony or Jacuzzi tub.