Are you looking to reside in a place that has been set up well enough to accommodate your every need? Not only has TenTen Wilshire been set up to accommodate all of your needs, but it also enables residents to live in a realm of luxury, class, and style.

1010 Wilshire is located in the heart of Malibu CA and allows its residents to attain the benefits of a multitude of features, amenities, and appliances. Some of the features of the living spaces include immaculately cleaned bedrooms, night stands, bedding sets, and pillows. Therefore, living spaces are fully furnished if such options are chosen by the individual(s) that decide to move in.

The rooms include full size vanity mirrors, robes, slippers, and even ready alarm clocks with Ipod compatibility features. Not only do such features offer individuals to enjoy the lifestyle of comfort and ease of use in regards to residential components and amenities, but also to enjoy some of today's latest technological features.

A fully furnished apartment can be found in LA and includes several opportunities for residents to live in utmost peace. For instance, the living room will include a 42" LCD HDTV with a DVD player for the residents' entertainment needs.

A sofa and arm chairs are available in the living areas with end tables to complement their sides. Decorative pillows are utilized to enhance the living areas' interior designing elements and add comfort simultaneously. Capabilities of communications are also set in place with cordless telephones and handsets. The Ipod ready sound system has enough quality to make one's time of music listening an exhilarating experience. There is also a smoking option for residents that would prefer to live in an apartment that allows it, and there is even an ashtray for their use.

The apartments entail dining rooms, dining tables, dining chairs, and bar stools, ensuring residents do not have to feel obligated with making additional investments upon signing up with an apartment for rent. By choosing TenTen Wilshire as one's choice of living, one can feel relieved of the pressures that are often associated with moving into new apartments, as everything they could need to live comfortably is available for them.