Today Hollywood CA represents a trend-setting location, attracting some of the most talented lawyers, artists, entertainers and other professionals. People who desire to live and work in a single, ultra-convenient place should consider the elegant, but friendly, atmosphere offered by TenTen Wilshire.

A Power Address

The 1010 Wilshire Boulevard address carries all the prestige of a celebrity venue. Located in the heart of the entertainment and film industry, a Fully Furnished Apartment in this venue will permit you to live a comfortable lifestyle, meeting your peers and work associates in a recreational, convivial atmosphere 24/7, any day of the year.

Many Choices, But Only the Best for You!

An apartment for rent in this joyful environment offers the best lifestyle that any upwardly mobile individual can aspire towards in flourishing Hollywood CA. You will not regret selecting this location as your Los Angeles destination.

Combine Play With Work

All the suites at 1010 Wilshire provide basic amenities, plus the extra luxuries which create a ambiance of wealth, formidable influence and style. This residential community provides all the amenities modern business people expect to have available at their fingertips. From this location, you can easily attend to any pressing transaction from the comfort of home.

Everything For a Great New Lifestyle!

Fully Furnished Apartment living at this address arrives replete with a helipad upstairs, 24-hour Valet parking downstairs, and an elegant, stylish decor in every room. From kitchen utensils to bedroom slippers, to a fully furnished conference room, a movie screening room, a private gymnasium and health spa, a rooftop pool, maid and concierge service, all utilities, high speed internet, premium cable and local phone service, everything someone can need or want to live a carefree pet-friendly lifestyle can be found here! An apartment for rent at this location will not remain on the market very long.

Entertain in Style

Fully Furnished Apartment living at this power address also includes access to a bi-weekly wine and cheese mixer, where you meet and grow better acquainted with your peers. Entertain your business associates and friends in style at this exclusive, trendy condo community in this center of modern living. TenTen Wilshire is the perfect location for a seamless lifestyle: play, work, live and celebrate life in this all-in-one ideal luxury community. Call (213)784-5659 today to arrange for your free tour!