TenTen Wilshire is offering a grand and sophisticated condo unit to rent in Barrington CA. You will enjoy living, working, and playing in one luxurious location. These beautiful condo units offer an exceptional environment in which networking with other professionals is made very convenient and easy to do. The living environment is absolutely perfect. This is an atmosphere that has it all. The vibrant energy can be felt throughout 1010 wilshire.

Eegant and Sophisticated

Barrington CA is an area that provides elegant and sophisticated living environments that make it easy to build a professional network. Rent a luxury condo unit and enjoy a lifestyle of comfort, elegant, and sophisticated living. You will have access to a fully equipped business center that provides a sophisticated working environment too.

The Business Area

Every tenant will be able to conduct all of their business activities right on site. The business center is efficiently run. There is everything that the professional may need in the center. The center is filled with necessary office equipment.

Your Play Environment

Life is not all about work. Your play time will be highly enjoyed after the work day is done. You will completely rejuvenate yourself through the wonderful play activities that are included. The rooftop is splendid and is most definitely award winning and is to be enjoyed for your leisure activities. The following are for all valued tenants:

  • BBQ areas
  • 1010 relaxation deck
  • Sun decks
  • Fire-pits
  • Lounge
  • Movie/Screening Room
  • Massage Rooms

These are a sample of what your leisure time can entail. The play facilities will completely impress you. You will have many opportunities to play and engage with many like-minded professionals.

An Excellent Filming Area If filming is your business then you will have the best location at TenTen Wilshire. The following are just a few of the filming amenities and areas that are provided:

  • Rooftop Filming
  • Penthouse Filming
  • Lobby Filming
  • The filming list is much larger. The entertainment professional can completely expect to have only exceptional filming solutions. The magnificent views will only add to your pleasure.

    Your Invitation

    Your personal invitation is open to take a tour. You may browse and take a tour on the website @ www.1010wilshire.com/apartment or feel free to contact directly. You can be given a grand tour in person. You are encouraged to set up an appointment today. Your fully furnished apartment is waiting for you.