Inside this huge park of around 55,000 hectares, Kurzunlu at 3756m is the highest point in the waterfall. Make sure to stay in a furnished apartment that is centrally located so you can see the most of it from nearby. There is a huge range of flora and fauna, and visitors may fish in the streams full of trout. Wildlife includes wild goats, bears, lynx and sable.

Hidden within the flora are Asian elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos, as well as smaller wonders such as flying squirrels, but these animals stay far from the park’s trails and sightings are extremely rare. Even if they do come close, the chances are you’ll never see them through the dense jungle thicket. What you might see are snakes (dog-toothed cat snakes, reticulated pythons, temple pit vipers and red-headed kraits), lizards, monkeys, small deer, abundant birdlife and perhaps tapir. Nearly everyone who visits Taman Negara gets an up-close and personal meeting with leeches and an impressive array of flying and crawling insects. Make sure to not leave your bug spray in your rental apartment! It will come in handy.

Where to stay:

Surrounded by natural greenery, Holiday View Inn Kursunlu has simply furnished rooms with private bathrooms. It occupies a peaceful spot in the rainforest and offers fishing and hiking activities. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a TV set. Shower facilities and soap are available in the attached bathroom. Guests can hike through the rainforest or head to the river for a leisurely soak. Staff provide 24-hour reception for convenience. Holiday View rental loft Inn Taman Negara is a 15-minute boat ride from Kuala Tahan Jetty. From the jetty, it is a 20-minute drive to the nearest town, Jerantut.