What is life in Los Angeles really meant to be like? You might hear about it or get an idea about luxurious living from different movies or pop culture sayings, but how can you really experience it? There are so many options out there for renting large multi-bedroom full service LA apartments, but not all come with the flexible and scalable leasing options that ours come with. The good news is we've grown over the years and opened up properties in some of the finest locations from beaches near Santa Monica to valley areas near Thai Town CA, and you'll find out from living here why our properties have been highly rated by our tenants.

From the parking services offered by our valet parking attendants to the friendly front desk staff and maintenance technicians, we're committed to professional services meant to make your life easier here at 1010 Wilshire. Inside our apartments, stainless steel appliances, flatscreen TVs, home theater systems, top quality sofas, and even your own towels and robes are all set for you to use and begin life in your new home. But why not venture out of your fully furnished apartment and make new friends when you go swimming in our rooftop pool or lay back on a chair on our sundeck? You also may want to come out for a gathering on movie night or at our SuperBowl party.

Life at TENTEN Wilshire can be enjoyed to the fullest, but you'll want to get started leasing soon so you don't miss out on it. There's a lot of standard and executive rental apartments to choose from, but to see which ones fit your needs best you'll want to take our free tour to see them. To schedule the tour and get started leasing, call our office at 1-877-973-5909, or fill in the form on our website at 1010Wilshire.com.