Housing in the greater LA has started moving away from some of the traditional settings that buying it has entailed, to now making the moving process quicker than ever in various rental markets. When it comes to our corporate housing, we've started adopting more of a system that works a little like luxury hotel rentals, but with even better rates. We offer LA apartments that are ready for multipurpose use with both work and living amenities making up our properties, but you can also find our play features here. Among those who rent from us are many film and TV show actors, producers and senior executives, but our tenant list goes well beyond the film industry.

What you'll see here at 1010 Wilshire are all-inclusive apartments that have a mix of modern design with a touch of traditional wood blend in some cases. Our kitchens have CaesarStone counters and bar stools, and you can cook using our stainless steel appliances. Our fully furnished apartments have wide windows with auto control shades that you can open up when you want to take in the view of the city from way up. But even beyond our apartments, you'll find your business needs to be taken care of at our business center, and your time to play can be had on our rooftop area where the pool, sundeck, outdoor billiard, and cocktail bar can be found.

Whether you're trying to find an apartment near the south bay area of LA or want a location near San Jose CA, you have a lot of choices here at TENTEN Wilshire. But you also can get a rental apartment from us without needing to sign a long-term lease. Once we verify that you meet our income and credit requirements, moving in is very straightforward. To get started, you just need to schedule your free tour of the property and make sure that the apartment you want is available. All suites are rented on a first come first serve basis, so don't delay; call us now at 1-877-973-5909, or fill out the form at www.1010wilshire.com to get started.