LA has a lot of beautiful housing, but finding the perfect property in the perfect location in the right market isn't easy. If you're a filming professional, you may prefer being near neighborhoods with glamorous housing like Bel Air CA, or you may want to be closer to LA's financial district or fashion outlets if you're in those industries. Whichever market you're looking for, our LA apartments can be found there, and moving into them doesn't require a long-term investment. Though we do offer competitive pricing and flexibility at our corporate housing, we are all about high-quality living first and foremost.

Apartment floor plans at 1010 Wilshire have a wide selection of one-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments that come in single floor or loft-style design. Not only are they already furnished, but you can signup for housekeeping services to make sure they are kept in welcoming condition for when you return. Other services on our property include valet parking and concierge, business and shipping services, and other logistics and office luxuries. Along with fully furnished apartments, TENTEN Wilshire also has play amenities such as a fitness center, outdoor pool on the roof area, a cocktail bar and even outdoor billiards.

The first step to take if you're interested in leasing a rental apartment from us is to signup for our free tour. The tour allows you to familiarize yourself with our property amenities and take a look at the apartments you're interested in. There's quite a variety of single floor, loft-style, and multi-bedroom apartments available in our standard, deluxe and executive suite selections. At the conclusion of the tour, if you decide you want to move in, we'll help make that happen. Just make sure you don't miss out while availabilities are still here, so schedule your free tour today by calling 1-877-973-5909, or visiting