What best describes your housing needs in the LA market? Are you simply looking to move down the road a little way to where the traffic is a little thinner, or are you completely new to downtown LA and not finding the right real estate deals yet? Are you moving just yourself, one other person with you or moving a whole family? Whatever your answers are to those questions, we also have those answers at our LA apartment properties. from the busy neighborhoods and industrial parks near LAX to the more relaxed areas near Alhambra CA, you'll find housing options tailored for any needs you have. What do our clients love about us?

One advantage our luxurious properties have here at 1010 Wilshire is that all the furniture and appliances are all installed and ready to use. Many of the suites have wide panoramic views of the downtown and beyond allowing you to see the world from above. Each fully furnished apartment also has its own laundry machines, optional housekeeping and room service, and access to the best-in-class high-speed internet. Our properties themselves have a wide range of community amenities and entertainment events that take place, especially when gatherings and gaming events are hosted on our rooftop and outdoor pool area. You can become a part of the fun as soon as you move in.

You may be surprised to hear that TENTEN Wilshire requires no multi-year lease commitments for any rental apartment. Whether you only want to stay a few months or a few years, we have lease plans for all time tables and all suites available. Our suites include the standard, deluxe and executive apartments, and you can see the floor plan you're interested in when you take our 1010 tour. The tour doesn't take long, but you'll have time to look everything over and make up your mind about moving in. If you want to know more or schedule your tour today, give us a call at 1-877-973-5909, or visit www.1010wilshire.com.