If there is one thing that is critical to making life as the owner of a new small business easier it is aiming for efficiency. Entrepreneurship requires business owners to wear many hats: manager, accountant, market researcher, IT person and human resources person. One thing that makes the shifting number of responsibilities that business owners can find themselves juggling easier is developing organizational systems and streamlining their business’ operations. Business owners can make life much easier for themselves by looking for an office space that is already furnished and that includes a wide range of useful amenities and features.

Entrepreneurs who live in Santa Monica CA can find office space that meets their needs at TENTEN Wilshire in Los Angeles, California. Individuals that choose to rent TenTen Wilshire’s Executive Suite rentals will not have to deal with long-term leases or find themselves having to search for a large amount of capital to set up and run their business. The executive suite rentals are incredibly professional looking and ensure that tenants will have an environment where they will be able to conduct their business with ease.

One of the benefits of renting an all-inclusive executive suite at 1010 Wilshire is the many amenities and features that the facility offers its tenants. In addition to being able to pay for rental expenses via a single inclusive monthly bill, tenants will also have the advantage of a facility that allows them to focus on working without worrying about the details of upkeeping an office space. The facility comes with parking including valet services.

Tenants do not have to worry about taking on the expenses of paying for a security guard or hiring a cleaning service. The space comes with security cameras and staff that can offer courtesy patrol. The facility also comes with a cleaning service so that tenants can be sure that their offices will be cleaned regularly without having to spend time managing or thinking about the expense of a janitor. There are also highly-trained staff that are available to fix any maintenance issues that may arise in an executive suite rental.

1010 Wilshire seeks to provide its tenants with services that comprehensively speak to the needs of business owners. This means not only providing a space that is well-maintained but a facility that also takes care of some of the general administrative duties that come with running a small business. This can include handling packages and mail that tenants receive. It also means providing a business center that is open all hours of the day. Should tenants be in need of computers, scanners or fax machines, the facility offers all tenants access to some of the technology that is crucial to smoothly running a business.

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