Are you tired sick of the monster sized commutes between your workplace and home? Are you ambitious for a higher standard of living? The southern parts of California, especially the areas around Eagle Rock CA bring to you the ideal locations where work and residence are combined together. There must be many choices at the site, no doubt. However, the microscope somehow zooms in on TENTEN Wilshire, where your dream suites are. Born out of the combined brainstorming of the experts of engineering, TENTEN offers you a variety of choices, right from the one bedroom standard suite to the massive plus sized executive suite with 3 bedrooms. In the range lie the plus sized deluxe, the executive and the simple deluxe suites, while outside this range is the penthouse of the presidential category.

Among all the amenities and features,the one that is most jaw-dropping is the furnishing of each suite, given like a heavenly present. The bedrooms already sport beds complete with bed covers, lamps on the bedsides, bathrobes, and even mirrors. The living rooms have sofas, chairs, and tables, plus an LCD screen and a telephone service. The kitchen has been topped up with utensils of all kinds. The building of 1010 Wilshire also brings together the ideal office space, combined with facilities like the pool on the roof, for parties you will not want to forget, and a gym. The all-inclusive executive suite combines all the above with the internet that comes at a speed of 100 MBs per second.

One of the most interesting features of TENTEN is that it allows pets inside the rooms. If this is to be your home, understandably your entire family needs to be entertained with the best customer service possible, and this includes your pets as well. With facilities of this kind, it is no wonder that the demand for the executive suite rentals has increased and TENTEN is successfully catering to all of them.

California presents a huge competition to all the suite rentals of the region. TENTEN, however, has been around 2001, and the age of over a decade seems to have done it good when it comes to the provision of services that the customers would appreciate. If you are still not sure, pay the official website a visit and fill in a form given for a tour free of charge. It won’t hurt to try, would it?