There is no better way to start a business near Chula Vista CA than choosing 1010 Wilshire properties for your executive suites and other accommodation needs. TenTen Wilshire provides the right combination of luxury, amenities and features for anyone looking to move or settle around this small town. It is the way where you can build security, stability and wealth through your venture.

TENTEN Wilshire is an affordable alternative to many rental properties around Chula Vista and offers services that are of high quality. Renting here will not only save money but save time and effort spent in mediocre living conditions. By renting 1010 Wilshire and looking at the cost of the rent, you see the benefit of this property. If you are relocating your crew or employees, you have that safety net in terms of services. Instead of painfully living elsewhere, you can rent this place and have the peace of mind you deserve. Being a tenant here can prevent you from doing menial tasks like maintenance work, cleaning and other chores that use up much of your leisure time. Each unit at TenTen Wilshire comes with furnished rooms, with state-of-art equipment in kitchen, office room, private patio, storage space and ample parking area. In essence, knowing that you are being helped, you can relax, be healthy and focus on other things.

Peace of mind is priceless. In case of 1010Wilshire, you are going to build your own peace of mind where you get to enjoy the rewards at a comparably small cost. This property is located such that it is at a close proximity to major shopping malls, restaurants, parks and transportation. Of course, the biggest expense for most business owners and employees is accommodation, which sometimes may not be a manageable expense given the high cost of living near Chula vista. But if you are renting a unit at this property, you will be taking a huge burden off your shoulder. Other executive suite rentals are pricey places that charge a lot but here you will be able to transform bills like phone, utility, cable and internet into savings. And there is nothing like a little research and time with customer service at 1010Wilshire to choose the right unit for your needs and budget, to save a few hundred dollars.

Check out what the company is offering. Review special pricing on certain occasions on its official website. Use that knowledge to select the right kind of executive suite. You would be surprised how just one phone call can change your life.