Finding the perfect place to call home becomes tiresome and frustrating. If reside in the Burbank CA area then there is great news for you. The TENTEN Wilshire has suites near this area that offer you much comfort and convenience.

One of the top conveniences that is offered by the TENTEN is zero start-up costs. When you become a guest at this facility you do not have to worry about purchasing furniture or décor for your new suite. Your suite will come with all the furniture and accessories that you need. The All-Inclusive Executive Suite will be equipped with a King or Queen bed, night stands, 42" LCD HDTV w/ DVD Player, chairs, towels, lamps, dining room furniture, stainless steel appliances, and more. Along with included furniture and décor your suite will already come with voice, cable, and high speed internet services.

In addition to providing many conveniences, the 1010 Wilshire also provide guests with a host of amenities and features. These amenities and features include 24/7 building access and on-site courtesy patrol, security cameras, multi-media conference room, on-site janitorial and maintenance services, and also refreshments for you and your guests.

Another added bonus of being a guest is how you are billed. The 1010 offers guest the convenience of an all-inclusive bill. For guests this means these is no need to keep up with how much is due for the rent, utility bill, phone bill, or internet bill. There is only one bill to be paid to the Wilshire. This all inclusive bill helps guest to focus on their work and other important aspects of their life.

In addition to providing you with a place to sleep and work, the Wilshire also gives you the opportunity to relax and be entertained. At this facility guests are able to socialize and network with others during mixers and other events hosted by 1010. Also, guests can become rejuvenated with the help of on-sites massage rooms, sauna and steam rooms, relaxation deck and also a Jacuzzi. At the Wilshire they know that some people relax by working out and as a result they have a fully equipped gym. Having fun is also a great way to relax and recuperate from a long work day or week. At the 1010 guests are able to enjoy movies in the movie/screening room, ping pong tables, bar area, and also a foosball table.